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Post Deployment for the parents of Members

No description

Esquimalt MFRC

on 6 September 2018

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Transcript of Post Deployment for the parents of Members

Renegotiation of Relationship
Feeling like a family again may take time as everyone adjusts to changing roles and responsibilities. Both the CAF member and the loved one have had varied experiences and have grown in different ways. A new way of being together can emerge as they move forward.
Members Assistance Plan (MAP)
If needed a counsellor from the Member
Assistance Program could help you find an appropriate solution for your situation in complete confidentiality.

Now that the excitement of homecoming has passed you may be thinking what's next....
Reintegration and Stabilization
Within a few weeks, feelings of “our” and “we” return. New routines have been established. The CAF member and the loved one feel relaxed and comfortable as they regain a sense of being a family. The experiences during deployment can provide a foundation for developing resilience within the military lifestyle.
Post Deployment for the Parent of a Military Member...
the Balancing Act

You have entered Phase 3
Renegotiation of Relationships and Reintegration and Stabilization

If you are having difficult reconnecting there are resources at your MFRC to assist you.

Call us at 250-363-2640 or toll-free at 1-800-353-3329
Be patient, let your returning loved one know that you are interested in hearing about the deployment experience when they are ready to talk.

Contact your local MFRC if your loved one is having trouble re-integrating into everyday life.

If you think your military member is having difficulty there are resources at the MFRC to assist them.


Call 1-800-268-7708
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