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Copy of Copy of Mountain Scape Background

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on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Mountain Scape Background

Answer is...
B) Sporting Events
We finished our freshman year of college!
Now we're all packed up and ready to go home. Before you know it, though, we'll be back for round two.
Our Freshman Year at Loyola
By: Lindsay Caroline and Zoe

On August 30th, we, the class of 2017, arrived at Loyola University to begin our first year. This was the beginning of the journey.
Your first semester of
college starts here!
On-Campus Activities!
Campus Life
Finals and Midterms
first there were meltdowns...
"It's easier to go down a hill than up it but the view is much better at the top."
First climb up the mountain: move in day
Our New Home
Flannery O'Connor
Welcome to campus
Here is your dorm:
Your New Dining Room:
Your New City:
Loyola Trivia
Baltimore Aquarium
The answer is:
B) Miss. Shirley's
Hampden: Miracle on 34th Street
We made it!
Bel-loc Diner
Answer is..
A) Go on Vacation
Great Gatsby Dance
Relay For Life
Loyola Palooza
What do Hounds like to eat?
A. Boulder meatloaf
B. Miss Shirley’s
C. Iggy’s sausage and peppers (which is really just a hotdog)
D. Boulder pizza

How do Hounds de-stress during Finals week?
A. Go to a campus lecture
B. Study for ten hours straight
C. Play with puppies in the Library
D. Do math problems
Loyola Trivia
Then there was complaining...
Where do Hounds like to go while
exploring Baltimore?
A. The Library
B. Flan Market
C. The Inner Harbor
D. Their dorm rooms

Loyola Trivia
What do Hounds like to do during breaks?
A. Go on vacation
B. Study
C. Get a job
D. Wake up early
Loyola Trivia
Loyola Trivia
How do Hounds show their school pride?
A. Eat ice cream
B. Go to sporting events
C. Roll around on the Quad
D. Tan outside of Humanities
Messina: Stories We Tell
. .
The Answer is:
C) The Inner Harbor!
Answer is..
C) Play with puppies in the library
Stories We Tell
Photos Credits:
Loyola Pic of the Week
Personal Photos

Music Credits:
The Climb- Miley Cyrus (2009)
Ain't No Mountain High Enough- Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell (2005)
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