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aleida & aubree's

cyber bullying

fifth grade

on 14 June 2013

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Transcript of aleida & aubree's

Case Study
Cyber bullying happens to 1.6 million people per year world wide.
*Cyber-bullying is bullying on the internet that can end up harassing or threatening someone
For our action, we decided to distribute a pamphlet to all parents during this presentation that let's parents know what to do when there child is getting cyber bullied and also where to put the computer if your child has been cyber bullied .
Does anyone have any questions or comments about our exhibition project ?
Central Idea
Real Life vs. Internet
Cyber- bullying is the use of the internet to cause harm, harassment, threat, or embarrassment to another person who has an electronic device.
*Real life bullying is when you are either physically or mentally hurting another person
Internet safety or online safety is a security of a person and their information when using the internet.
* Did you know that 160,000 children skip school for fear of being bullied
* Did you know that you can take classes for internet safety on cybersmarts.com
This presentation was made by :
We hope you enjoyed our presentation
For more information , you can visit these websites :
Aleida Smythe
Aubree Hottois
Different Kinds of Cyber Bullying
Flaming is online fights
outing is when the Bully is letting out secrets and personal information
* 43% of kids have been bullied online
* 1 in 4 have had it happen multiple times
*1 in 10 will tell an parent, guardian, or trusted adult
*Bullying victims are 2 to 9 times likely to commit self harm.
Cyber bullying occurs when a person is a victim of cyber bullying . which could mean rude text messages, emails, photos, and rumors online about that child or teenager
Findings - Cyber bullying emerges most commonly from relationship problems (break-ups, envy, intolerance, and ganging up)
Title : Cyber bullying : Causes, Effects, and Remedies
Authors : The research that you are about to here was found by : Dianne L. Hoff and Sidney N. Mitchell
For those who suffer cyber bullying, the effects are devastating, leaving you feeling hurt, humiliated, angry, depressed, or even self harm
It also has the website where you can visit if you want to take classes for internet safety
Lines of Inquiry:
What is it like and how it happens?
Reasons why cyber bullying occurs?
Ways to reduce/prevent cyber bullying
Reasons why cyber bullying occurs
What is it like and how it happens?
Cyber bullying happens because most of the time they are not getting enough attention at home and need to get their anger out but they take their anger out on other people that have an electronic device
Ways to reduce/prevent cyber bulling from happening
If you see a rude comment about you or someone else don't reply or comment back
If you see cyber bullying happening to you tell a trusted adult, parent, or guardian
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