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Vocab 4/13/10

No description

p5brian h

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Vocab 4/13/10

Vocab 4/13/10 Antidote A medicine or a nother remedy to cure a human of a poison Nemisis A Antidote can some times be a coat Something that a person cannot Conquer All nemisis's of Nature will one day go through a metamorphisis skittish RESTLESS OR EXCESSIVLEY LIVLEY the fish was very skittish Fiasco Fiasco a compleate faliure Fiasco A compleate and ingenius failure if its a fiasco you should probably asko (real Word NO JOKE) Solace C Comfort in sorrow, misfortune or trouble Allivation of disstress or discomfort Get braced there might be a solace
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