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Emily Tan

on 28 October 2014

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Transcript of Aztecs

Background Information

Changes to Colonisation- Positive Effects
Changes to Colonization- Negative Effects
Changes to Colonization- Short and Long Term Effects
Map of the Aztec Empire
Primary sources
T- Represents the capital city, Tenochtitlán now known as Mexico City
t- Represents Tlaxcala, a city which the Aztec empire never totally conquered
V- Represents Veracruz, originally named La Villa Rica de la Vera Cruz
Aztec Clothing, Daily Work and Farming

The Aztec clothing is very loose and none of their clothes completely covered their bodies. Their clothes would usually be make from imported cotton from the Maguey Cactus.
The food that the Aztecs ate are very basic, as they always ate maize, corn, beans and squash. The Aztecs also get bees to get honey form them. Aztecs got meat from wild dogs, turkeys and ducks.

Aztec Music and Leisure Games

Music to the Aztecs is very important because it was a way of passing on culture, sharing and understanding religion and making emotionally connections with life events
The Aztec ball game is also known as tlachtli or tlachco. This games is played with a Ulli meaning ball. Usually the ball would be made out of rubber which usually weighed about 4kg (9 pounds). This game wasn't just played for entertainment but political and religious reasons.
The Aztec religion was very complex as of who they worshiped. They had many Gods that they praised and they had many different tribes and cultures they would adopt into the Aztec religion, including the Gods. Also a big part of their belief to their actions was to do with fear of mother nature and the fear of the end of the world, although they did not know how it was going to happen or even when.
The Aztecs did not have a daily religious routine but every year people would sacrifice their life and that was what they called Human Sacrifice. A number of people would die in a one day event, and the event was so important that almost all part of the religion would attend it. They believed it was a privilege and they thought they were pleasing their gods.
The main part of the Aztec religion was that they had 5 Suns. Suns were their God but the period of time that they were God was an age. Although it was very special to be a Sun every one ended in disaster. Eventually a council was formed and the last Sun would have to would have to offer his life in order for the world and its people to survive. Two Suns/Gods were chosen:

1. Tecciztecatl - a wealthy and powerful God.

2. Nanauatl - a humble and respectful God.

A competition had begun and the one who would be the last Sun would have to leap into a fire and sacrifice himself. Tecciztecatl was first and tried but couldn’t jump. Then Nanahuatl stepped up and he leaped into the flames, Tecciztecatl followed him and they both died sacrificing themselves for their beliefs. His face is still believed to be on a worshiped stone in the Aztec Calendar Stone. Somehow another Sun grew, he was Huitzilopochtli. He was the warrior of the Sun and was known as the most powerful God. The main belief behind this was they believed that the sun on Earth could not move on its own and the God had to fight against it in order to keep it moving.
Aztec Religious Sacrifice
Aztec religious overview
Aztec Gods- Tecciztecatl & Nanauatl
Primary Source
This knife is the sacrifice knife. It was used in the sacrifice ceremony. The handle is a carved wooden man wearing a eagle head dress. The handle is covered in tiles. This knife can be found in British Museum. They believed it was a privilege to be sacrificed by this knife.
The usual daily work for women consisted of weaving, cooking and caring for the children.
The aztecs made many masks usally in turquise colours. This mask is kept in the british museum For the Aztecs it symbolized one of their main Gods Quetzalcaotl. Quetzalacoatl was a feathered serpant God. This mask was worn on special occassions only. The mask incorporates two snake figures that are twisted around each other. These shapes that the snakes make formed the eye sockets and lips of the mask. This artifact would of had gold on it but over time just like some of the teeth and a few of the tuqiouse tiles have fallen off. This artwork is currently kept int he British Museum.
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Time Period: 1100 AD to 1521 AD.
Height of the empire was 1440-1510
The Aztecs ruled an empire in middle and southern Mexico that was at its strongest during the 15th and 16th centuries . The Aztecs are thought to be decedents of hunters and gatherers from northern Mexico.
The Aztecs were farmers who developed an advanced agricultural system that allowed them to grow crops on swampy and dry land that would normally not sustain crops.
The Aztecs' believed in many gods such as Tonatiuh, the god of the sun and Tlaloc, the god of rain, to who they prayed. The Aztecs also practices human sacrifice, offering a human heart to the sun god for example, to win favour of th gods

The new technology the Spanish brought with them (can both be good or bad)

The Spanish destroyed most of the Mexican culture

They killed Mexicans

They got took lots of their resources (gold and silver) without fairly trading it

The Aztecs were forced to work as slaves

The Aztecs took in many diseases from the Spanish

• Many of the Aztecs were killed

• They lost the right of their land

• The Aztecs soon learned to speak Spanish because the Spanish taught them

• They became Christian because the Spanish taught them about Christianity
Thank you for watching!
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