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How to Recruit SSU Students as Interns & for CIP

Learn about how to recruit SSU interns. More info at http://cce.sonoma.edu/blog/updated-how-recruit-ssu-students-interns-cip

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Transcript of How to Recruit SSU Students as Interns & for CIP

Your mission statement and contact information
Approximate number of hours per week
Your expectations of the student -- what the student will actually do
Position title
45 total hours per semester =
1 internship unit for the student

90 hours = 2 units
"Although this position is unpaid, you will learn/meet/etc. x,y,z..."
Benefits section
This will save you a lot of time fielding student questions about pay.
Send Position Descriptions to SSU Faculty You Know
Request that they send it along to their colleagues.
Alternatives to Pay?
Consider This...
Compensate Using Time Dollars
How the CCE Can Help
Send the CCE Your Internship Position Descriptions
Don't worry about if it's a match for majors in their department as they may know students from other departments.
Sonoma County Time Exchange
"A Time Exchange is simply about spending an hour at a time doing something for somebody in your community. (You already do this!)
It's a simple idea and it has powerful ripple effects in building community connections."
Each hour goes into the Time Exchange database as a Time Dollar that you can then spend on a service you need.
Another Idea...
Post Your Internships to the Career Services Seawolf Jobs Site -- http://web.sonoma.edu/career/
Posting is free
Provides a good outline for a
position description
Students log on directly to the site to search for internships
Still Another Idea...
Attend the Annual Service & Internship Fair
Do You Have SSU Interns Currently?
Next Steps
You can even consider adding "replace yourself" to the position description
Ask Current Interns to Help
with Your Recruitment
Perhaps they have a friend who would be a great match
Yet Another Idea...
Share Open Positions on Social Media
Ask current and past students to link to it and share it, etc.
One Last Idea...
Participate in Community Partner Thursday!
Free tabling on campus -- we provide the table!
To Pay or
Not to Pay...

"...the number of unpaid internships has climbed in recent years, leading federal and state regulators to worry that more employers are illegally using such internships for free labor."
Consider This...
"The SBE does not sponsor unpaid internships because they will not place their students in a placement where they are not expected to add value to the organization. This includes for profit and non-profit organizations. "
Dr. Duane Dove in the SSU School of Business and Economics (SBE)
Dr. Lorna Catford in the SSU Department of Psychology
Not to Pay...
"...Student interns join this philanthropic work force and have the extra reward of training and preparation for professional work in the field. This is a time-honored tradition, the process of the apprentice."
Your experience with internships can vary widely when working with different departments.
What's an Intern?
in a job setting
may be paid or unpaid
getting academic credit
for learning skills that integrate their future career goals with coursework for a field-based learning experience
A volunteer doing a higher level of work?
A professional I can expect to need little supervision?
Someone I have to pay?
Someone who can get my coffee and do my filing?
A recent college graduate?
Someone I can use as a volunteer while I try them out or train them before deciding to hire them or not?
Someone who can work for my
organization full time?
Someone who can work from January-December?
Someone who is considering a career transition?
Someone I can't pay?
Someone required to do an internship?
Someone I have no choice but to accept?
SSU does not have a central internship department and internships are handled at the academic department level.
This means that your experience with internships can vary widely when working with different departments.
For example, your experience recruiting and supervising interns in Business will be quite different from Environmental Studies & Planning.
Although SSU does not have a central internship department, the Center for Community Engagement (CCE) exists to help you access the resources of the University -- including interns.
Is your title "Permanent Fully Trained Staff?" Probably not. So, the title you give the intern should preferably not be "Intern."
Additionally or alternatively to working with the CCE, are there other ways to recruit SSU interns.
So, if internships are expected to be related to a student's career focus/major, how do community organizations get opportunities to the right students?
There are more than 50 academic programs and majors at SSU.
The CCE will share your position descriptions with the appropriate academic departments and programs.
Usually end of August/Beginning of September

More info via CCE email --
signup at: http://conta.cc/aRh4QI
Connect directly with students!

"We had the chance to meet with numerous students, many who were interested in our work. It was so sweet, our SSU volunteer from last year came by wearing our t-shirt! Congratulations on a successful Service and Internship Fair." Cynthia Calmenson, Integrative Medical Care Foundation
Read More about the 2017 Service & Internship Fair at:
Someone to replace a staff position we can no longer afford?
Yet Another Idea...
insert FB, Twitter icons
Bonus idea...
More info and details: http://cce.sonoma.edu/blog/updated-recruit-students-community-partner-thursdays
The Community Involvement Program (CIP) provides a means for students to earn academic credit for volunteer experience at nonprofit and governmental organizations including schools, hospitals, recreation programs, group homes, day care centers and senior centers.

CIP is similar to internships in that students are getting academic credit for their experience. But there are some differences, too:
Tip: Sometimes students refer to themselves as "interns" when they are not enrolled in academic units. Occasionally, they may not know they can get credit for their work. Community partners can help clarify goals and agreements with students. This often leads to better retention and follow-through with busy students.
1) CIP is special to SSU and is not common in higher education. Almost every higher ed institution in the US (and perhaps globally) has an internship (also called externship or co-op) program.
3) At many institutions, internships are restricted to older students
and to experiences that relate directly to their potential careers.
While SSU is not usually so strict about this, CIP can be targeted to
younger students or to recognize students who do volunteer work
that is not necessarily aligned with their career plans.
4) At SSU, all academic departments
support interns, but not all offer
CIP to their students.
5) At SSU, some departments require internships and have specific internship coordinators. Often, if the department offers CIP, this is the same person.
2) Internships can be paid or unpaid and with for or non-profit organizations.

CIP must be unpaid and with a nonprofit or governmental organization.
In addition to SBE, you may have to pay students in high demand majors, such as computer science and engineering.
Other departments, such as Nursing and Communications often put a higher value on unpaid internships and may not allow students to accept pay and academic units.
Why is the Fair so early in the semester? That doesn't even give you or us time to promote it to students!
Registration for academic units closes about two weeks into the semester. "Contract courses," including internships, actually can be added to student schedules for an additional two weeks, however most students don't know this. Additionally, some departments close registration for internships earlier. If students can't or think they can't register for units, they are not likely to attend the Fair, so we schedule it early.
Is there a Second Semester Service & Internship Fair in January?
For a variety of reasons (weather, time, money, the desire not to conflict with the World of Work Career Fair, etc.) SSU has never scheduled a Spring semester Service & Internship Fair. Don't miss the Fall!
Why is the Fair so early in the semester? Neither you nor we have any time to let students know about it.
The Service & Internship Fair is a collaboration by the CCE, JUMP, and Career Services
How about the summer?
Some departments offer summer internships and others do not.
Thank you for all you do in educating our students!
Helpful links:
UPDATED: How to Recruit SSU Students as Interns & for CIP -- http://cce.sonoma.edu/blog/updated-how-recruit-ssu-students-interns-cip
What's the Difference Between Internships and the Community Involvement Program (CIP)? http://cce.sonoma.edu/blog/whats-difference-between-internships-and-community-involvement-program-cip
Skipping to the Last Stop http://cce.sonoma.edu/blog/updated-skipping-last-stop
New Way to Recruit SSU Students! (Community Partner Thursdays) http://cce.sonoma.edu/blog/updated-recruit-students-community-partner-thursdays
Don't forget!

You don't have to remember any of this! The CCE can always help you!

707 664 3202
Web -- http://cce.sonoma.edu/
Facebook -- http://www.facebook.com/ssucce
Instagram -- www.instagram.com/ssucce
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SSUCCE Twice Annual Email Newsletter -- http://conta.cc/aRh4QI
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Blog -- http://cce.sonoma.edu/blog
Email – cce@sonoma.edu
Phone – 707 664 3202
Location – 1st floor of Schulz Information Center, next to the Writing Center
Street Address -- 1801 East Cotati Avenue, Rohnert Park, CA 94928
Sonoma State University
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