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Hospice Savannah New Board Member Orientatoin

No description

Jamey Espina

on 5 April 2017

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Transcript of Hospice Savannah New Board Member Orientatoin

Phase 1
Phase 2
Hospice Savannah INC
Vision: Every person accepts death as a natural part of living and experiences death with dignity, comfort and support.
How we Started
Orientation for New Board Members
April 5, 2017
“ When people are overwhelmed by illness, we must give them physical relief, but it is equally important to encourage the spirit through a constant show of love and compassion. It is shameful how often we fail to see that what people desperately require is human affection. Deprived of human warmth and a sense of value, other forms of treatment prove less effective. Real care of the sick does not begin with costly procedures, but with the simple gifts of affection, love, and concern.”

His Holiness, The Dali Lama and
Mother Theresa of Calcutta
Joint Statement to the United Nation
Not a place but a concept:

Focuses on caring not curing patients

Promotes Goal: “Live life fully until you die”
Promotes normal process for patient/family
Promotes Mental & Spiritual Preparation for death

A model for quality, compassionate care and support for people
facing life-limiting illness and their families
Family is defined by the patient.

A team-oriented approach to terminal care

Neither hastens nor postpones death
Non-profit free standing hospice serving community since 1979

Serving Bryan, Chatham, Effingham, Liberty, and Long counties

1674 Chatham Parkway – Administrative Offices, Home Care, and Steward Center for Palliative Care
6000 Business Center Drive–Demere Center
Full Circle Grief and Loss Center/Edel Caregiver Institute and
HSI Foundation
1352 Eisenhower Drive – Hospice House
(28-bed inpatient facility)
Anyone seeking comfort care with approximately 6 months or less to live if the disease follows its natural course.

Care provided in:
Private Homes
Skilled and Assisted Living Facilities
Hospice House
Eligibility and Services
Levels of Care

omes, NH, and ALF

Residential in Hospice House

Hospice House
Hospice House and

The Vision, Mission, Credo and Values of Hospice Savannah, Inc
Mission: Hospice Savannah, Inc., a not for profit organization, provides our community the best services and resources on living with a life limiting illness, dying, death, grief and loss.
We faithfully remember the honor it is to be part of each other’s lives. In service to our community we pledge to provide extraordinary and compassionate care with a focus on living fully throughout illness and bereavement. As professionals we are committed to providing expert care with respect and dignity.
Board Roles and Responsibilities
Working with the community to further the goals of Hospice Savannah, Inc.
Attending board meetings and committee meetings as well as special events.
Maintaining confidentiality concerning patient care and Hospice Savannah’s operations
Supporting Hospice Savannah financially
Organization Structure
Board Structure
Hospice Savannah
The Steward Center for Palliative Care
Hospice Savannah Foundation

Each has own bylaws

Committees include:
Executive/Finance Property Investment Ethics
Stewardship Quality
Strategic Plan
Providing direction – 2016-2019
Areas of focus
Financial Stewardship

Quarterly updates provided to Board
Companion Program
Provide support during visits and treatment
Provide respite for exhausted caregivers
provide companionship, friendship, and support to patient
Phillip Solomon
Must include MD, RN, SW and pastoral or other counselor
Establishes and updates plan of care
RN coordinates the plan of
care and pronounces at death
Weekly team meetings
Interdisciplinary Group
Hospice House
(same as but includes:)
Charge Nurses
HH Coordinator
Works closely with pharmacy, volunteers, HH vendors, receptionist and house keeping
Team Structure
Home Care Teams
Certified Nursing Assistants
Social Workers
Clerical Team Assistant
After Hours and PRN staff
What The Per Diem Rate Covers
RN visits
Social Worker visits
Spiritual Care
Home Health Aide
PT, OT, Speech, Dietician
Bereavement Care
Everything related to the terminal illness
All medications related to the primary diagnosis
Durable Medical Equipment
Medical and Personal Care supplies
24 hour on-call services
All Levels of Care
Complementary Therapies
Massage Therapist
Address clinical issues such as pain, anxiety, and depression.
Music Therapist
Facilitate relaxation, reduction of symptoms, and allow for self-expression.
Story Keeping
"Healing Arts"
Preserving a person's life story.
Veterans Program
National Hospice and Palliative Care's "We Honor Veterans" program.
Second in Georgia to attain a Level Four designation which entails the development of strong relationships with VA Medical Centers and veteran organizations to ensure veterans receive the best possible end-of-life care
Pet Peace of Mind©
We are able to keep patients and their pets together during their time under our care.
Volunteers provide food; routine veterinary care and transportation; foster care; and find a “forever home”.
Thank you to Case Veterinary Hospital and Tails Spin
Butterfly Program
Board Governance/Composition/Terms
Financial Overview
Demere Center for Living
Edel Caregiver Institute
Bereavement Services
Palliative Care
Kathleen Benton Ph.D/Dr Farless
Foundation Activities
Kim and Fran
Referral Process
Volunteer Services
Why we have to have volunteers
Government mandates 5%
Integral part of team
Hospice House Volunteers
Assist Nursing Staff
Support Family
Encourage patients
Home Care Volunteers
Provide respite for exhausted caregivers
Provide companionship, friendship, and support to patient
Administrative Volunteers
Monthly Mailings
Support administrative staff
Bereavement Volunteers
Make follow-up calls to bereaved family and friends
Co-facilitate grief groups
Help at Camp Aloha
Complementary Therapy Volunteers
Massage Therapy
Music Therapy
Pet Peace of Mind
Bridging Volunteers
Keep a vigil at the time of death
Where to go from here if interested.....
Complete volunteer training
Complete background check
Complete health screening
Thank you for joining the Hospice Savannah Team
People with a gift for Helping
Tour of
Hospice House
Full Circle
Chatham Parkway
Hospice Savannah Values
Debra Larson
Marketing and Community Outreach
Complimentary/Allied Therapies

Music Therapy
Story Keeping
Massage Therapy

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