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America's Prison Problem


Fred Slobert

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of America's Prison Problem

America's Prison Problem America's Prisons Racial Distribution in Prisons California's Problem Drugs and Prison Black Americans make up only 12% of the total US
population, but represent more than 40% of all inmates In 2011 California's state government spent
$9.6 billion on prisons vs. $5.7 billion on
higher education The United States is home to about 25%
of the world's imprisoned population, yet
Americans make up only 5% of the world's
population California has spent $8,667 per student per
year vs. $50,000 per inmate per year Since 1980, California has built only 1 college campus
vs 21 prisons In 2011 12,000 prisoners went on a hunger strike throughout California to protest against harsh treatment There are over 2.3 million people
incarcerated in America's prisons today America has the highest incarceration
rate in the world 753 per 100,000 people 24% of black children in the US will have experienced
a parent in jail by the age of 17 More than 3 times as many black people live in prisons
than live on college campuses Non hispanic whites make up 37% of the prison population and hispanics make up 19% of the prison population More African-american men in prison, jail, on parole
or probation than there were enslaved in 1850 England 153 per 100,000 people
China 119 per 100,000 people The Private Prison Industry Corrections Corporation of America played a major role on an October 31, 2011 drug raid at an Arizona High School The two largest private prison companies in
America, Corrections Corporation of America
and the GEO Group earned $2.9 billion in revenue
in 2010
The three largest private prison companies spent $45 million on campaign donations and lobbying costs for state and federal legislation In 1970's and 80's Presidents Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan fought a vicious war on drugs
The number of state inmates grew 708% between 1972 and 2008 Non-violent drug offenses account for 47.7% of the entire prison population
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