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No description

Devin Hounshel

on 2 October 2013

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Born in West Nottingham, Pennsylvania on the 5 Of December 1735
Attended the College of Philadelphia at the age of only 16 mastered in Art
He Later began to Preach, Traveled to England To Prosecute His Medical Studies, In Conjunction with Other America Astronomers Studied the Transit of Venus Thus Publishing a book.,
In 1773 he procured the celebrated letters of Hutchinson and Oliver, in which they had secretly labored to paint, in the most odious colors, the character of the people of Massachusetts. He lost no time in delivering them into the hands of Dr. Franklin, who afterward transmitted them to his constituents in Boston.
Even More Bio!
Williamson married Maria Apthorpe in January 1789
He had two Sons that died of a young age (the older one at the age of 22 in 1811, the younger, shortly thereafter, according to Hosack's Memoir of Hugh Williamson)
In 1819, at the age of 83, Williamson died in New York City and was buried at Trinity Church.
Supposedly He was STABBED!!!!
Active in the debates at the Convention
1782 He was elected to the General Assembly and with in months joined the constitutional Congress.
In 1787, Williamson was named a delegate to the Federal Constitutional Convention. Appointed to five committees (the second most of any delegate to the convention) and giving more than seventy speeches, Williamson was one of the most active delegates in Philadelphia. He had a particularly strong interest in economic questions, serving on committees to consider questions such as state debts and the slave trade.
Appointed as a delegate to the Constitutional Convention at the age of 38.
Signing the Constitution!!!
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