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SPIN Selling: Chapter 2 - Obtaining Commitment: Closing the Sale

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Scott Noble

on 31 January 2011

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Transcript of SPIN Selling: Chapter 2 - Obtaining Commitment: Closing the Sale

Chapter 2 Obtaining Commitment: Closing the Sale Brought to you by: Most Important Stage: Most traditional people would say... Obtaining Commitment is the most important Also referred to as... Investigating Closing:

A behaviour used by the seller which implies or invites a commitment, so that the buyer's next statement accepts or denies commitment. A close is anything that puts the buyer into a position that requires a decisive response Traditional Closes: - Assumptive
- Alternative
- Standing-room only
- Last-chance
- Order-blank Traditional Selling Says: Closing techniques are strongly related to success Use many different types of closes Close often Attitude Problems Sophisticated, profressional buyers can become offended by traditional closing techniques - Sharp Angle
- Ben Franklin
- Puppy Dog
- Columbo
- Double-reverse whammo Banana Close Banana Clothes? Not the best strategy for when you want to sell a large item Effect of Pressure Small decisions can benefit from pressure Large decisions suffer from pressure But... not everyone would agree with this Two Conclusions: By forcing the customer into a decision, closing techniques speed the sales transaction #1 #2 Compulsive Closer? Compulsive closers are addicted to closing because they are being rewarded and encouraged to use the techniques If a close works once, the seller is more likely to repeat the action Management wants and rewards salespeople who close often Must I close? Customers can get irritated by calls that don't have a clear understanding of what comes next (Closes invite direction) Closing technigues may increase the chances of making a sale with low-priced products. With expensive products or services, this is not the case
Study had average high-priced item of $109 (1988) Obtaining the Commitment Right First step Set the right objectives Examples:
- Get another meeting
- Talk to someone higher up
- Close sale Set Call Objectives Secret of strong closing in a major account call is to question your objectives ruthlessly

Don’t be content with objectives like “to collect information” or “to build a good relationship”

Focus on advances, not continuations Obtaining Commitment: Four Successful Actions 1. Giving attention to investigating and demonstrating capability 2. Checking that key concerns are covered 3. Summarizing the Benefits 4. Proposing a commitment Scott David BERNARD
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