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Valentines Day

No description

Abigail Daniel-Perez

on 20 December 2013

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Transcript of Valentines Day

Valentine's Day
Lace: Lace is used to make a woman's handkerchief. A woman will drop it and its traditional for the man to pick it up

Love Knots: Love knots are usually made with ribbon or drawn on paper to represent everlasting love.

Love Birds: Love Birds are found in Africa and sit close to each other like a couple would.

Red Roses: Red Roses are said to be the favorite flower of the goddess of love, Venus. And the color red shows sentimental feelings.

Cupid: Cupid is the Roman God of love.
What's the true meaning of Valentine's Day
Valentine's day isn't just about Chocolates, cards and flowers. Although Valentine's Day is a national holiday in other countries it's not in the United Stated, which should be changed. Many people celebrate valentines day to show passion and love for each other. Pope Gelatinous declared Valentines Day Because He thought it had been previously associated the the Ancient Roman Festival of Lupercalia.
Symbols for Valentines Day
History of Valentines Day
Valentines Day
Abigail Daniel Perez
Anastasia Godwin
Faith Thompson
There are a number of Saints called Valentine who are honored on February 14. The day became associated with romantic love in the Middle Ages in England. This may have followed on from the Pagan fertility festivals that were held all over Europe as the winter came to an end. Traditionally, lovers exchanged hand written notes. Commercial cards became available in the mid nineteenth century.


There were a number of saints called valentine who are honored on February 14th. The day became associated with romantic love in the middle ages in england.This have followed on from pagan fertility festivals that were held all over Europe as winter came to an end lovers exchanged written notes. Commercial cards became available in mid 19th century.
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