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Marketing Class

No description

Ryan O'Donnell

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of Marketing Class

Superstore Target Market Branding Strategy Product
Concept Our goal is to have employees use the app
while working to find products. The idea is
when a shopper asks for help looking for a
product, the worker will use the app ensuring inadvertent advertising. EZ Shop Sobey's Our app will be promoted through
pamphlets and flyers at local grocery stores
and retailers. EZ EZ Shop Perceptual Map Research Copyright Strengths
Displays the exact location of the product

Not time efficient: Will take a long time to register products

Emergence of super centers into Canada

Stores who rely on customers spending time searching through their store SWOT Shop Resources Young adults and parents are our main target market. They will see the app as easy to use. In an age of changing technology, this product is the next big game changer in grocery shopping. Target Market Product Concept:
Our product is an easy to use app that maximizes the efficiency and ease of shopping
-Main advantage: Working like a GPS, EZ Shop gives a store layout, directions to find items in any location, and then shows a red x marking the product location on the store layout.
Secondary advantages: Scans bar codes for quantity in stock, other locations, upcoming sales, competitor pricing, alternative products, and even various colour options for none food items.
Patent: To ensure no one takes our product finding technology for their own competitive advantage
Trademark: Ensure protection of the "EZ Shop" name so only our organization has access. This prevents others from using the name in unsavory ways that could damage the "EZ Shop" image EZ Shop E

p Price

We plan on making money through in app advertisements Product

Appeal will come from our
easy to use interface and the wide variety of tasks the app can provide Place Promotion

Advertising through our partners is key. Stores such as Sobey's and Superstore will allow us to promote exponentially due to their success The Four P's Of Marketing Available on Apple, Android, Blackberry devices and accessible with thousands of local retailers WalMart* E

p >> Future Shop While EZ Shop has the same price
range as its competitors, it sets itself apart from them by not only its in store GPS feature, but its accessibility to Apple, Android, and Blackberry products. Most competitors were only available for Apple and Android and not Blackberry. The closest competitor, Bakodo, is only available for Apple products. E

P Research Needs Determine how many grocery stores are in the New Brunswick area
Determine how large the target market is
Determine how much time the average person spends looking for their groceries
Expanding to stores such as Walmart and Costco in the near future Conclusion

This application is making the daily lives of shoppers more efficient and convenient . Our technology will revolutionize the way people shop for daily goods and products. EZ Shop
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