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ESIP Summer 13 - ACDD Governance

No description

David Neufeld

on 7 March 2017

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Transcript of ESIP Summer 13 - ACDD Governance

Attribute Convention for Dataset Discovery - Governance

Version 1.0 - Original version published by Ethan Davis on the Unidata website. 2005-09-28

Version 1.1 - The Unidata vocabulary was migrated to the NOAA Environmental Data Management wiki. The discussion and developments on that page focused on mapping the ACDD elements to corresponding ISO elements. These mappings became the basis for software tools to translate from netCDF to ISO19115/19115-2/19119 (e.g. ncISO and Geonetwork 2010-01-20)

Version 1.2 beta - Migration of the NOAA EDM page to the ESIP wiki. 2013-04-26
Progress on Version 1.2 beta

Initial definitions proposed (replaces descriptions)
John Graybeal (Marine Metadata Interoperability Project)

coverage_content_type, geospatial_bounds


The edits will be made in this page by anyone in the community who wishes to contribute, and discussed in greater depth in the Discussion page, if necessary. (The discussion page can also be used as an archive of changes on this page, if desired.)

Request wiki account on the esip wiki!
Discuss esip-documentation listserve
Approval by Steering Committee
Working version approval requires 70% majority of current membership

Version 1.2 vote at the end of September

Current membership listed on wiki:


Next Steps
Version 1.2 approval

Get broader support from CF and OGC communties

Begin work on Version 2.0 and better support for groups
David Neufeld

Questions ?

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