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Saint Helena Of The Cross

Facts about her.

Ixya Shres

on 6 October 2013

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Transcript of Saint Helena Of The Cross

Saint Helena Empress
Feast day: August 18th
Born: Unknown
Death: 330, Rome
Major Srine: St Peters Basilica
Attributes: Cross
Her Life
Saint Helena
St Helena was an empress, who married the Roman General Constantius I Chlorus about 270.
In 293, Constantine became Caesar or a junior emperor & divorced Helena for emperor Maximian's daughter. In 312, he became emperor & Helena was named Augusta, or an Empress.
Helena converted into Christianity & began to perform many acts of charity, including building churches on Rome & in the Holy Land.
Later, Helena discovered the true cross & it was believed she died in Nicomedia.
Helena is known as a empress, holding a cross.
What I Like & Interest About This Saint
St Helena, is whom I find as an interesting saint than others.

Most saints belong to a poor family & they live their lives poorly for example St john Vianney or Mother Theresa. St Helena, on the other hand, married an emperor & became an empress, who is someone with great power & role.
Many saints were born during or after the time of Jesus. St Helena was born heaps earlier around 200s.
How is St Helena a spirit filled person?
St Helena lived a spirit filled life by improving the catholic community. She built churches in Rome & Jerusalem known as the holy land.
Who & what is a spirit filled person?
A spirit filled person is someone who follows & devotes their time to God. Also a spirit filled person is someone who uses their fruits & gifts of the spirit properly.
Interesting facts:
St Helena's husband was the first Christian roman emperor.
She was a native of Bithynia, which is an ancient place in the north west of Asia (now as Turkey).
Vatican Museum is where her porphyry sarcophagus (piece of granite) is.
There was a legend that Helena was the daughter of the king of Colchester by Geoffrey Monmouth, England.
Why did I choose this saint?
I chose this saint by random. I looked up on saints on the 18th of August & st Helena appeared on the home page because it was her feast day.
If I met this saint . . .
If I met St Helena, I would definitely notice some things.

Since she is an Empress, her voice would be very formal.
If I Met this saint, I would:
I would ask why did she change her religion.
What would she do with all her money & power.
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