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Masque of the Red Death - 6th Grade

Introduction to Symbolism- Use after reading- What, You Think You've Got It Rough?

Dana Hoover

on 21 June 2014

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Transcript of Masque of the Red Death - 6th Grade

Symbols &

Symbolism Video
What are Symbols?
Why do authors
use Symbols?

From the Writer's Toolbox.. a tool authors use to send
a ***DEEPER*** message

What do the symbols on this coat of arms tell you about the person it represents?
A symbol is an object or image that stands for something deeper
Symbols *represent* other ideas
Look at these examples...
to send a message to readers without
having to tell them directly
to be dramatic
to be creative
to make their message well-known
a U.S. flag
represents freedom
a heart
An owl represents wisdom
Light represents.....
A snake represents...
A. peace
B. leadership
C. strength
Can you match the six symbolic items with what they represent?
1. Sword A. Jealousy
2. Light bulb B. Cunning (crafty, sly)
3. Owl C. War
4. Moon D. Wisdom
5. Green E. Night
6. Fox F. Idea

Symbolism in "The Masque of the Red Death"
Red Death
A. Constant reminder that death comes
The Castle
B. Blood
Prince Prospero
C. The darkness of death
The Ebony Clock
D. Death
The Color Red
E. The wealthy and royals
The Color Black
F. Man’s effort to prevent death

Red is powerful.
Red is not at all shy.
Red enjoys being the center of attention in a room filled with people.
Red does not enjoy silence.
Red exists in the fiery eyes of a tiger as it hunts its prey.
And Red hides from those who try to silence it.
Red tastes like sweet strawberries warmed from the summer sun.
Red smells like apples baking in a plump grandmother’s oven.
Red sounds like a cafeteria filled with banter, laughter, and gossip.
Red is at is most joyful when everyone listens to what it has to say.
Red is powerful.

Read To...
1. Identify theme
2. Identify Poe's purpose (PIE)
3. Find symbolism in story
4. Life imitates art...where is Poe reflected in this story?
5. Find any foreshadowing
6. Identify suspense strategies Poe used
7. Identify tone, mood
8. Identify point of view
Color Symbolism
Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, Brown, White

_____royalty, spirituality, ceremony, mystery, arrogance
_____strength, power, heat, aggression, danger, blood, war
_____optimism, joy, happiness, imagination, hope, sunshine
_____earth, stability, home, outdoors, comfort
_____love, romance, caring, tenderness, acceptance
_____energy, enthusiasm, warmth, demanding of attention
_____innocent, purity, quiet, pleasantness
_____nature, environment, health, renewal, spring, jealousy
_____peace, harmony, confidence, truth, depression, water

The Masque of the Red Death
This story is based upon a plague that swept across Europe called "The Black Plague / The Black Death"
Let's Read "The Masque of the Red Death"
Story Symbol
AND....Based on what you know about Poe, what do you expect
-from the characters
-the setting
-the tone
With your partner, choose a color to write a color poem on. Write your rough draft and then completely edit it. Write your final copy. The color is the title.
Find your color's tissue paper. Tear some squares and glue them onto the white paper. Your poem will go in the middle.
The story we will be reading is by Edgar Allan Poe. What do you recall about Poe??
1. Identify theme
2. Identify Poe's purpose (PIE)
3. Life imitates art...where is Poe reflected in this story?
4. Find any foreshadowing
5. Identify suspense strategies Poe used
6. Identify tone, mood
7. Identify point of view
With your group, come up with a theme that fits this story. THEN, create a symbol to represent the theme. Be prepared to present to the class.
This marks the end of this PREZI.
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