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Lady Gaga: Too Bold

Explaination of Lady Gaga's deviance with the labeling theory.

Rachel Eubank

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Lady Gaga: Too Bold

LADY GAGA: Pop Phenomenon Is she too bold? The labeling theory suggests that people obtain labels from how others view their tendencies or behaviors (Sociology II). Weird.
Offensive. Lady Gaga displays deviance by going beyond society's norms and receiving negative social labels. Labeling Theory People label Lady Gaga through her performance, style, and lyrics. Performances People label Lady Gaga because in her
performances and music videos her dancing
is seen as deviant because it is out of society's norm. Also Lady Gaga receives negative labels
because of the themes in her music videos, such as poisoning people and sex. Outfits Lady Gaga's fashion makes her stand out; it stands
out because it goes against the norms (Petrou). And
because of that she acquires negative labels. People believe her outfits do not cover enough. For example in her “Telephone” music video she wears crime scene tape as an outfit. Lyrics The lyrics in Lady Gaga’s songs
lead people to believe that she
revolves herself around sex. In our society that appears deviant because people generally do not talk about sex openly, and she crosses the boundary of the norms to sing about sex. Lady Gaga embodies deviance because she goes beyond the norms of society and because of that she receives negative labels. Lady Gaga’s fame stems from her habitual deviance that exceeds society’s acceptable standards. http://www.ladygaga.com/player/default.aspx?meid=3156
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