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Hero's Journey Film: Man of Steel

Hero's Journey Film Analysis

Braxton Hawkins

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of Hero's Journey Film: Man of Steel

Hero's Journey Film Analysis: Man of Steel

The Ordinary World
1. Kal-El ordinary world is Krypton. Although he lives a lot of his life in Earth, Krypton is where he was born and what would be considered an ordinary world for him.
7. Kal-El is forced to fight once he returns to the planet. The fight goes on until they are in Smallville. Kal-El is forced to realize how hard it is to fight the Kryptonians.
8. After surviving the fight against the Kryptonians, Kal-El has to stop a machine that is transforming earth into his home planet. In a desperate attempt to stop the machine, he gets under the machine where he is being forced to the ground. He focuses all his power into flying up, and destroys the machine.
9. Kal- El is then rewarded by the fact that he just saved an entire planet and its people.
Refusal of the Call
3. Clark's refusal is presented in his childhood shown in the movie by his flashbacks. An example of Clarks refusals include not wanting anybody to know his abilities.
Crossing the First Threshold
5. After meeting with his father, Jor-El, he leaves the ship. Although he leaves the ship back into the planet he grew up in, Earth, it is now in a new perspective. Kal-El now knows his place on planet Earth and starts his adventure that he now has knowledge of. The door leaving the ship has a strong symbolic meaning of Kal-El entering the world he now sees differently.
The Road Back
10. Kal-El goes back to Metropolis only to find the scout ship that Zod flew in on and he confronts him.
Resurrection Hero
11. Kal-El is then confronted by Zod again and is forced to make a choice between saving his home planet or earth, and chooses earth while destroying Krypton’s last chance of existing. He then participates in an intense battle with Zod, and then kills him, proving his loyalty to earth.
Call To Adventure
2. During the beginning of the film, Clark or Kal-El had flashbacks. However his call to adventure is more complex than usual calls to adventure. Kal-El begins to discover his abilities at a young age. The flashbacks help the process of this call to adventure. As he grows up he discovers even more abilities but does not want anybody to know. He wants to find out why he has these abilities and why no one else does; all this information being present in the flashbacks.
Call to Adventure: Flashback
***Broken Part of the Hero's Journey***
Because of the refusal of the call being presented as a flashback, this partially breaks the sequence. This affects the process by making it a little more choppier than a straight forward hero's journey.
Meeting the Mentor
4. Clarks mentor comes when he finds a frozen spaceship in a military zone. Clark has a special kryptonite key that was sent with him when he came from Krypton. When he enters the ship, he inserts the key into a system that makes his dad appear, this only being a hologram. Jor-El (Clark's dad) then tells him where he is from and the purpose of him being sent to Earth.
***Broken Part of the Hero's Journey***
Kal-El (Clark) does not literally enter a new world or planet. Instead the new world he enters is a new state of mind about his world. The adventure, however, still happens in Earth or "The New World."
Tests, Allies, Enemies
6. Clark's (Kal-El) tests include him surrendering to the Kryptonites and going with them onto there ship. Himself and his ally, Lois, both are on the ship. They both, however, end up escaping.
The Test: Kal-El "Surrenders"
Destroying the World Engine
Zod's Ship
Ral-El Vs. Zod
Return with Elixr
12. Kal-El is now rewarded with the new identity of Superman and shows the people of earth that he is their protector.
The Aftermath
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
By: Braxton Hawkins & DeeJay Thompson
Jor-El & Kal-El
Fighting in Smallville
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"People are afraid of what they don't understand."-Jonathan Kent (Man of Steel)
What is Man of Steel?
"A young boy learns that he has extraordinary powers and is not of this Earth. As a young man, he journeys to discover where he came from and what he was sent here to do. But the hero in him must emerge if he is to save the world from annihilation and become the symbol of hope for all mankind."
-Warner Bros. Pictures
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