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Invention for Computer Class

Brooklyn Ahlers

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Skype

Skype Who created Skype & when was it created? Skype was created in 2005 by Nikolas Zennström & Janus Fiis. Why was Skype created? Skype was an invention that was created so people can talk face to face without having to travel the country or go very far. It was also created for people to send messages and talk to others at the same time. Who has your Skype impacted? Has it been in a good way or bad? Are there similar products? Yes. and Video chat rounds and many more products do the same thing, but some people just prefer Skype. The others are just set up different
How have the sales of your invention changed over time? Skype is FREE. That benefits peoples use since it doesn’t cost them anything to use. It only charges people for calling cell phones or things that aren’t with in Skype accounts. How has your invention changed over time? Does it still exist? This invention has just had technical updates and it changed the way the company overlooks the calls. It does still exist and will hopefully exist for a long time. If you could add something to your invention what would it be? I would change the fact that you can’t see three people when you’re video chatting and that it sometimes it freezes up on you and wont let you call. Presentation by: BROOKLYN AHLERS It impacted those who have family in other countries that they can’t see. It also has impacted people who just want to talk to a friend without having to go to their house or just for a late at night friend talk
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