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No description

Kristen Manor

on 24 April 2010

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Transcript of ACT 5

Cyrano de Bergac Roxane's new home Cyrano and the nuns Time for Cyrano's visits A letter close to the heart Cyrano attacking falsehoods De Guiche's jealousy for Cyrano Falling logs of vengeance Comparison with a leaf Truth thanks to obscure light A loss felt twice Act 5 She lives in the convent He makes fun of them He goes at the same time every saturdays Cyrano wrote this Roxane still thinks of it everyday False artists False heroes False nobles He wishes he could speak
his mind like Cyrano They compare the leaves to death Cyrano says the letter by heart
and Roxane realizes he couldn't
be reading it because there
wasn't much light. Roxane mourned for Christian Roxane realizes that it was
Cyrano's soul so she then mourns
Cyrano A log hits Cyrano on his
way to see Roxane. This caused Cyrano's death
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