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Sports Med - Career Profile

No description

Amanda Weiler

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Sports Med - Career Profile

Surgeon Surgeons are doctors with highly specialized training that can perform surgery to treat injury, disease and deformities Changes in technology are constantly altering the way that surgeons perform their jobs and the environments that they work in. This means that a surgeon's job may involve working with technology Typically 4 years of undergraduate school, 4 years of medical school, and 3 to 8 years of internship and residency
- earnings are amoung the highest
- job opportunities are very good, particularly in rural and low-income areas
- very rewarding job - you save lives - acceptance into medical school is highly competetive
- training and education requirments are extremely demending and expensive
- work long, irregular hours
- stressful Surgeons work mostly with people but they also need to have knowledge in technology and dealing with data - patience
- the ability to work well with others
- the ability to work in a team environment Surgeons usually work in private clinics but also in hospitals The average wage for a general surgeon is around $206,770 annually - perform surgery with a variety of intruments to correct physical deformities, repair bone and tissue after injuries
- perform preventive surgeries on patients with diseases or disorders
- examine patients
- perform and interpret diagnostic tests
- counsel patients on preventitive healthcare Why be a surgeon? Downsides to becoming a surgeon: Personal qualities needed to be a surgeon Education Requirements: Duties Workplace
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