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Do all stakeholders have the same perspective?

GCSE Business Studies Topic 5.1.3

Hugo Flower

on 23 June 2015

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Transcript of Do all stakeholders have the same perspective?

Do all stakeholders have the same perspective?
You will be split into groups of different stakeholders and you will be required to make a decision as to how you feel about certain scenarios
Scenario 1
A small car-making company, Briggs Automotive Company, has two factories in small towns in the midlands that employ lots of people and builds boutique sports cars.
Scenario 2
Mr Burns has realised that he is running out of money and so he needs to take drastic action
There are many different stakeholders in a business but they often will have different perspectives and so may feel differently about decisions made about the company
Topic 5.1.3
By the end of the lesson you will be able to:
1. understand that there are different stakeholders and that they may have conflicts of interest
2. analyse and evaluate issues from different perspectives
You may well disagree...
There is a deal on the table that it may be bought up by a much larger company. This would mean that one of the factories may have to close...
He decides to have a sudden wave of firings to cut on costs and an increase in the price of the electricity that his power plant produces.
Who will win this debate..?
Key terms:
Competition Commission
Make a list of all the potential stakeholders in a business
What will they expect or look for in the business?
(Pressure Groups)

(David Cameron / UK government)


Who’s got the XFACTOR?




(Local Community)


(Cheryl Cole / Employee)

(Fans / Customer)

(Simon Cowell / Owner)







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