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The Rainforest

No description

Susan Baker

on 28 February 2018

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Transcript of The Rainforest

From beautiful flowers...
to tiny frogs

... and large ferns
Many indigenous tribes live in the rainforest.
Animals of the Rainforest
Many animals call the rainforest home. There are thousands perhaps millions of species that exist and live here.
The Rainforest
to huge trees
Vines entangle themselves throughout the forest trees
The rainforest can be divided into three major areas.
The Canopy
this is the upper layer
The Understory
This is the middle layer
The floor
the lowest level
From big cats
There are many varieties of plants in the forest.
Many of the indigenous people of the rainforest have little or nothing to do with the outside world. They live off the land and survive doing things that their cultures have be practicing for centuries
There are super slow sloths
Unusual creatures
who come out at night
And creepy crawly
The end
Scientists are always discovering new creatures.
There are many rainforests across the world.
These places are very important to our existence
for many reasons.
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