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Emotions in the Workplace

Managerial Communications

Stella Nicora

on 2 May 2010

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Transcript of Emotions in the Workplace

Emotions in the Workplace by Sophia Kamvisios & Stella Nicora
COM 3068 Emotions Look Policy Work enviroment Understanding Emotions Recognize it EMOTION as energy in MOTION Understand it Laws about emotions Accept it Controlling Managing Emotions Awarness of Doing an Emotion

Honest Description of an Emotion's Purpase

Acceptance of Response/Ability for your Emotions

Anger Loss of control over others and attempt to regain it Regret Feeling inferior because you believe you have performed poorly Happiness State of mind or feeling characterized by joy, love or pleasure Guilt Emotion or believ that someone violated a moral standard Loneliness Feeling empty, unwanted, and unimportant (hard to form interpersonal
relationships) Embarrassment State experienced upon having a socially or professionally
unacceptable act (some amount of loss of honor or dignity is
involved) Attitude in the Workplace
30% of executives say motivating their employees
is their toughest challengee. Of course it is!

......some attitudes suck!
Some attitudes.. Depression/Anxiety

Bad relationship with the boss

Co worker conflict

25% have felt like screaming or shouting because
of their job stress

10% are concerned about an individual at work they
fear could become violent

18% had experienced some sort of threat or
intimidation in their past year.
(Source: Attitudes in American Workplace)

Mondays: 20% of people sufferfrom heart attack.

One thousand + of employees are home sick from stress.

Absenteeism due to stress has increased 300% since
Emotional Labor - Show emotions not genuinely felt
- Must be displayed
- Inhibits true feelings
Positive Emotions • Optimism
• Self-efficacy
• Emotional resilience

•Influence & inspire coworkers

•Emotionally intelligent

•Higher rate of achievement
Negative Emotions • Work overload, lack of rewards
• Verbal abuse, sexual harassment, grapevines
• Poor leadership, lack of support

•Psychological & emotional
•Anxiety, depression, substance abuse
•Effects on family life
VIDEO Managing Emotions • Empathy

• Impulse control

• Increase emotional intelligence

• Training
VIDEO CONCLUSION • Managing stress
• Maintaining well-being, efficiency
• Overall success
Thank you smile Natural
Classic Happy
Sociable Overcoming Negativity
Remember you are in control of your own reality.

Appreciate your life/No one can bring you down.

When it comes to experiencing emotions,
you are not alone.

Why not hold a formal "bitch" session?

Moderate the flow of gossip.

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