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Senior Project Presentation

No description

Cristy Pitts

on 5 May 2018

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Transcript of Senior Project Presentation

Multimedia Presentation
Senior Project
All seniors have a multimedia
presentation due in class.
Monday April, 23rd.
The presentation should cover your Senior Project
What you did.
How you grew.
Grading Rubric
100 points for the presentation.
No credit until you present in class.
Get started now.
The goal is to have a perfect presentation for
Senior Service Night on May 11.
Must use Prezi.com
Presentation should be 8 minutes in length.
No less than 10 slides.
Organized logically and free from errors.
Pictures appropriate to the topic.
If using video within your presentation, the video should only be a small portion of your 8 minutes.
For privacy issues, make sure you mention NO student by his/her real name. Call Megan "M" or give her a pretend name.

Be very sensitive to your audience when speaking about the children/people you have served. A grandparent or aunt could be in the room, and you don't know it!
Presentation has a clear, focused and developed
introduction, body, and conclusion.
Presentation has logical structure organized between speech and demonstration.
Levels of diction and syntax are
appropriate for the audience and subject.
Student speaks rather than reads from a script.
Grading Rubric
The presentation presents a convincing case that the student has stretched and grown through the service learning and writing Senior Project.
The creative presentation makes effective use of visual aids, demonstration or technology. Its grabs and hold the audience's attention. Dynamics include quality of response to questions.
1 Person= 8 min.
2 people= 15 min.
3 people= 20 min.
4 people= 25 min.
5 people= 30 min.
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