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george lucas

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of 1980's


design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
The 1980's saw an emergence of pop, dance music, and New Wave as the term disco fell out of fashion in the early years.
Clothes and Fashion
Hardware and Software changes were evolving.

The Internet and the World Wide Web was invented by english physicist Tim Berners.
Back to the Future $210 Million
Ghostbusters $238 Million
Top Gun $177 million
Star wars V and VI combined $600 million
The top song of the 80's was Thriller by Michael Jackson
Technology Cont.
Under appreciated Cars
Ford Taurus
The Portable Camcorder, 50in. Projection Screen TV, and Timex Sinclair Color Computer were some items invented.

The 80's was a big changing point in the auto industries. GM started heavy reconstruction, and Chrysler nearly busted. Although, they also started new technology research for autos, while Auto industries faced strong competition against foreign cars.
ET The extraterrestrial $435 Million
Jeep Cherokee
Indiana Jones 1,2, and 3 $621 Million
Honda Accord
Fashion Trends
Feathered hair, side pony tails, Mohawks
Ray-Ban Sunglasses
Leg warmers, neon matching socks, concert rock t-shirts
Bright colored spandex

The Karate Kid $90 million
Movies Two

Ferris Bueller's day off


Beetle juice

The Christmas story

Boom boxes
Garbage Pail kids
Hacky sack
Wedding Style
He man
Koosh ball
Easily the most iconic wedding dress of the 1980s was worn by Princess Diana (Princess of Wales) in 1981. The dresses had enormous puffed sleeves, cinched waist, and dramatic train, it introduced a new romantic ideal.
Rubik's cube
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