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The End of Feudalism

No description

Saadia Hussain

on 3 November 2016

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Transcript of The End of Feudalism

The End of Feudalism
The Great Schism
A split in the Catholic Church when there were 2 popes
Pope - Chosen by God
Pope - Chosen by God
God wouldn't choose 2 popes. Are they really the pope? Is the pope really all powerful?
The Hundred Years War
Protection, money, land
Food, military service, taxes
Regular People
War between France and England
King Charles IV of France
I'm so pretty
Edward II of England
Phillip IV of France
I'm the new French King!
Longbow - could shoot knights from far away
English used longbows which made French knights useless
All my knights are gone! Who will fight for me?
We serfs will fight but you have to pay us!
Joan of Arc - French girl who at the age of 17 leads France to victory over England
I'm awesome
Joan, God want you to lead the French to victory
How did the Hundred Years' War end feudalism?
Longbow & Cannon
Knights & castles were no longer helpful
Power of king increased
Didn't need a lord to protect him
Raised his own army
Peasants gain power
Joined army
Make money outside of farming
How did the Great Schism end feudalism?
Power of Church went down
People began doubting the power of the Pope
Battle of Crecy (1346)
Battle of Agincourt (1415)
Battle of Orleans (1429)
Battle of Bordeaux (1453)
French Knights fell into mud causing many of them to drown
English won
French used cannons to break down castle walls
French victory
Church burned her for being
a witch
During the 100 Years war the power of the king increased
England victory
King Charles of France dies
England and France go to war over who is the next king of France
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