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The 5th Wave Timeline

Yoder English 10

Maddie Deebel

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of The 5th Wave Timeline

The 5th Wave Timeline
Maddie Deebel

5th WAVE
Aliens, referred to as the others, live on a far off planet that is dying. Therefore they chose to take over earth for their species to survive. They implanted themselves into the brains of selected humans, but they will go unnoticed until they are activated.
Cassie and Ben both went to the same school since they were young. The two kids first met when they were on the bus, and they learned that they both just had a sibling born. Cassie always remembers this day, and she has had a crush on Ben ever since.
The first wave happens when the electronetic field gets wiped out during a normal day of school. This caused chaos, with cars, planes, phones, etc. not working. Cassie's dad came to pick her up, and they walked home. At this point people either chose to flee to a new place for a last hoorah, or board up their house and go into hiding - which is what Cassie's family does.
The second wave consisted of a huge tsunami, which was of course caused by the others. A huge piece of metal sent from orbit to Earth wiped out lots of the population on the major coastlines. Also, Cassie's family decides that it will be soon to seek refuge with other survivors.
The third wave consists of a new avian virus that is easily transmitted from person to person. The others invented this which killed roughly 99 % of the remaining population form the 2nd wave. The percentage of people that do remain had some type of resistance that enabled them to survive.
In the 4th wave the aliens take over some human bodies and pretend to be human. They prowl about the world seeking to eliminate any remaining survivors. Now Cassie is on her own, and she forages for food and finds shelter on a day to day basis.
Cassie's mom contracts the virus from the birds which consists of boils on the skin and inside the body. As it progresses, these boils turn black and burst, eventually giving Cassie's mom a slow and painful death. Once she passes away, Cassie's dad buries her, and Cassie, Sammy (her little brother), and her dad search for a better place to hide out.
The family successfully found a camp to stay at with lots of other survivors. The leaders claimed to be human, and no one suspected a thing. One day a meeting was called that was mandatory for everyone, and Cassie left to go get one of her friends. When she came back she found the leaders had turned against everyone, and she saw the head guy, named Vosch, kill her father. Luckily for Cassie, she was able to escape before she was spotted.
Ben caught the virus during the 4th wave, and he thought he was as good as dead. But, some of the others swooped in and acted like humans who rescued him. They healed him, and then he was assigned to a squad of kids that would train like they were at a military school. Also, as an incentive, the leaders told the kids thatcher four groups that performed the best got promoted. They would be allowed to do missions in the real world.
Ben's squad had been performing very poorly in the examinations. Therefore Reznik, who was a mean drill sergeant all the kids hated, brought in a girl who he nicknamed, Ringer. She excelled in the shooting drills, and this helped to bring up their score and get the group to the top four.
Cassie is still surviving on her own, and she hasn't had any contact with someone human or alien in a very long time. Then she ran into a silencer, who was assigned specifically to ensure Cassie was ended.. He shoot Cassie in the leg, but can't bear actually killing her. He waited until she was unconscious and decided to take her and help her get better. When she wakes, he introduces himself as Evan Walker, just another survivor. All the while, Cassie did not understand the correlation between Evan the "human boy," and her silencer.
The 5th wave happens when the others start arming teens and children and tricking them into killing off their own kind. They give the kids/soldiers special glasses that will glow green when the see one of the others that they've been told to kill. But, in all reality the ones glowing green are the humans, not the others.
Ben's group is sent out on a mission, where they realize they're being set up to kill their own kind. They figure this out, because they pull out their trackers and they all start glowing green. This serves as the climax of the book, and at this point Cassie also figures out that it's all a trap too. Cassie, her brother, and Ben's squad all reunite and they decide to run away.
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