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Tour:Jeju island

The information about Jeju island

Byun Junho

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Tour:Jeju island

1st main attraction -
world heritage sites OREUMS, a small volcanic mountains rising up from the flat expanses of fields and farmlands, have spreaded around on c. (365 mountain) The main oreums are these - Saebyeol Oreum, Darangshi Oreum (Wollang Peak) and Yongnuni Oreum. Travel "Jeju Island" By Danny Byun Where/What is Jeju Island? Jeju Island, which is located southwest of the
Korean peninsula, is a volcanic island in the shape of
an oval that measures 73km from west to east,
and 31km from north to south. Weather is warmer
than the mainland even during the cold winter. Wind from the ocean blows steadily throughout the year
and past volcanic activity has littered the island with an assortment of beautiful and unusually-shaped black
rocks. Jeju? Jeju Island has three impressive world
heritages that UNESCO decided, the sites
that showcase the island’s natural beauty and
volcanic legacy. It includes Hallasan National Park,
Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak, and the Geomunoreum
Lava Tube System. 3 world heritages sites Geomunoreum
Lava Tube
System Seongsan
Peak Hallasan
National Park 2nd main attraction
- oreums Saebyeol Oreum Darangshi Oreum Yongnuni Oreum Jeju's major
Oreums 3rd Attraction - Surrounding Islands Udo island Biyangdo island Jejudo Island is surrounded by beautiful islands such as Udo, Chagwido, Biyangdo, Gapado, and Marado. All of surrounding islands have a gorgeous scenary and effect larger unique of Jeju island.
There are three major surrounding islands
- Udo island
- Biyangdo island
- Marado island Marado island The coastline is a series of beaches and rocky cliffs and the surrounding mini islands. The thing that sets Jeju apart from other islands around the world is its array of rock formations: visually stunning masterpieces that have resulted from
volcanic activity. 4th Attraction - Magnificent sights - Dragon head Rock (Yongduam Rock)
- Jusangjeolli Cliff of Jungmun and Daepo Beaches
- Seopjikoji Coast jusangjeolli Cliff
of Jungmun and
Dapo Beaches Dragon Head
(Yongduam Rock) & Seopjikoji
Coast 5th main attraction - Waterfalls a beautiful and geographically-significant assortment of rocks and cliffs, Jeju’s natural wonders include a variety of magnificent waterfalls. The island’s three most famous waterfalls are Cheonjiyeon Fall, Cheonjeyeon Fall, and Jeongbang Fall. Cheonjiyeon Fall Cheonjeyeon Fall Jeongbang Fall 1st Main activities in Jeju island
- Submarine & Jeju Olle trail walk Seogwipo Submarine : It opened in 1988, offers safe undersea tours. Going deep into the 40 meter sea-bed, visitors can see countless fish, rare iridescent coral reefs, and a surreal-looking shipwreck with schools of fish surrounding it. Jeju Olle island : People experience the local flavor of the island. It is a trailer that stretch for over 329km. By native people building stone walls small pathways ran alongside each wall, connecting houses in the village to the main roads. seogwipo
submarine Jeju Olle
trailer 2nd Main activities in Jeju Island
- Museum Jejudo Island is packed with a colorful array of museums and theme parks, ranging from the Jeju Stone Park to museums showcasing teddy bears, rare plants, or chocolate goodies. I chose five museums and theme parks that are important and entertaining. - Jeju Folk Village Museum
- Jeju National Museum
- Teddy Bear Museum
- Bukchon Dol Harbang Park
- Jeju Folklore & Natural History Museum 3rd Main activities in Jeju Island
- Jeju Dongmun Traditional Market It was formed in the aftermath of the Liberation in 1945. As a popular traditional market, it has served countless customers in Jeju with diverse items at inexpensive prices compared to regular marts or grocery stores. Consideration of Hotel in Jeju After the research, considering people's view, I chose four hotels total that it got a high recommendation, and good reviews. The four of the hotel's names are Jeju Lotte Hotel, The Suites Hotel, Ramada Plaza Hotel and Shineville Luxury Resort. Jeju Lotte Hotel http://www.roomstays.com/hotel/770785 +82 64-731-1000 The Suites Hotel http://www.suites.co.kr/ +82 64-738-3800 +82 64-729-8100 http://www.ramadajeju.co.kr/ Ramada plaza Hotel +82 64-780-7000 shineville.com Shineville Luxury Resort Recommended Tour Course Jeju Dongmun Traditional Market 1st day: Bukchon Dol Harbang Park -> Jeju National Park -> Cheonjeyeon Falls -> Teddy Bear Museum
2nd day: Jeju Folk Villiage Museum -> Olle Trailer -> Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak -> Jeongbang Falls -> Jeju Submarine (Seogwipo Submarine)
3rd day: Jeju Folklore & Natural History Museum -> Dongmun Traditional Market -> Yongyeon Pond, Yongduam Rock (Dragon Head Rock)
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