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Sujin Yoon

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of Korea

Sujin Yoon Republic of Korea
대한민국 Where is KOREA? Seoul 서울 한국 숭례문(남대문) Sungnyemun(Namdaemun) 경복궁(Gyungbok Palace) 경복궁(Gyungbok Palace) 1)Sushi 2)Bibimbap 3)Hamburger 1) Chipao 2) Hanbok 3) Kimono 1)Koruru 2) Hahoetal 3) Tumpakahn more than 13 hours! 탈 Tal ; Korean Masks 탈춤 Tal chum ; Musical drama 부네탈 Bune tal 선비탈 Seonbi tal
scholar 양반탈 Yangban tal
nobleman 각시탈 Gaksi tal
wife 할미탈 Halmi tal
grandma 초랭이탈 Choraeng-i tal
servant 중 탈 Joong tal
monk QUIZ :)
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