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How and why did canada expand so rapidly following confederation


Emma M McGee

on 21 June 2011

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Transcript of How and why did canada expand so rapidly following confederation

How and Why Did Canada
Expand so Rapidly Following
Confederartion? How Did Settele migration help Develop Canada? The Role of the Northwest Mountain Police Settele migration help develop Canada because there where no real way of showing where the bonders whwer so when canadies migeragtdit alwoed canadien land to stay canadien. also It made sure that there where canadies to portace there land from the amaricans. if it where not for picife coastel rail road it would of have been much harder to develpo in such a remote area. Rail Road The rail Road alowed peopleb to conate . There for proveise like P.E.I where not isolated. It also bragth bissense in for people in remote areas and made it easyer to travel however not many people whated to travel because they where afaed of what might happen because there where no polices and so where born the mountie police there job was to make sure that folowed the law and when there was the gold rush they had to make sure that anyone coming had 2 tons of supplies and stop the horses stieling from the frist natives.
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