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NBF Presentation

No description

Chad Carpenter

on 8 March 2018

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Transcript of NBF Presentation

Our Analytical Approach
Database Marketing
About Teuteberg Incoporated
Established in 1976 & works with companies nationwide providing innovative direct marketing services that drive customer loyalty

Our Strengths Include:
Technology Development w/ In-house Team
Innovative Uses of Data That Drive Efficiencies
Data Analysis to Drive Marketing Strategies
'3' Areas of Breakdown
Life Cycle
Life Cycle of a Customer
Ongoing Loyalty Campaigns
No Response
Inactive Campaigns
Dormancy Campaigns
Optimizing Segmentation

Timing: When, How quickly, How many players

Frequency: Bounce-back, Monthly, Bi-monthly

Medium: Direct Mail, Email, Mobile, App, Social

Incentives: Multipliers, bonuses, competitive landscape
Lost Customer
Casting The Widest Net
Net #1
Net #3
Net #2
Definition of Stages
New Player
Dormant Player
Inactive Player
Lost Player
Active Player
Signup within
0 to 60 days

Date of Last Play
within 3/6-months

No Play within

No Play within

No Play within

Key Points for Life Cycle
1 - Set your property's Player Life Cycle
11 - Define each step & when a Player enters it
Using Data In
Your Decision Making
Casino #1
Casino #2
Differences in Play Levels
0 to 3-months: 35% vs 49%

4 to 6-months: 30% vs 20%

7 to 9-months: 21% vs 16%

10 to 12-months: 14% vs 15%
Casino #2
Casino #1
Differences in $$$ Levels
0 to 3-months: 74% vs 95%

4 to 6-months: 12% vs 3%

7 to 9-months: 9% vs 1%

10 to 12-months: 5% vs 1%
How They Define Levels
Activity Level Casino #1 Casino #2

Active 0-6 months 0-3 months

Inactive 7-12 months 4-6 months

Dormant 13-18 months 7-12 months
Key Points for Data
1 - Understand your Player's activity levels
11 - Use a multi-layered approach including $$$
New Player Signup Example
Bounce-back Campaign
Timing: Immediate - ASAP

Medium: Direct Mail / Email / Mobile
DM - Most powerful, takes time, get 100% of players
Email - Fast delivery, low cost, not 100% will provide
Mobile - Immediate delivery, low cost, will be read

Frequency: Dependent on play level & data available
The more impressions the better

Incentives: Typically only have one trip to base this on
May be up to 60-days to get on Loyalty Mailing List
Strategies for Tactical Optimization
Key Points for Tactics
1 - Tactics do not need to be the same for each
group / tier / segment / player
11 - Leverage as many mediums as you can
Contact Information
Chad Carpenter
Vice President

Office: 414.443.3219
Email: ccarpenter@teuteberg.com


Play Based Tiering
Total Worth & Per Trip Worth
Theo vs Actual Win
Number of Trips
"Regulars" vs "Chasers" vs "1-Trippers"
Geography or Competition-based
Inner vs Mid vs Outer Markets
Reinvestment Levels
Basic Tier Breakdown Example
Teuteberg Tour
NBF Transition to Teuteberg
Our Data-Driven Approach
Questions & Wrap-Up
Our Approach To Database Marketing
Many of our customers are leveraging our analytic services to help guide decision-making
Clear understanding of key industry metrics to determine if we are "moving the needle"
Able to define "actionable opportunities" allowing for the creation of campaigns, strategy, & measurables
Set expectations for what SUCCESS looks like and make sure that the outcome is reasonable
Reporting needs to be clear and concise from two perspectives... numeric reporting & data visualization
Today's Agenda
Two Perspectives
Case Study #1
Phase 1 to Phase 2 to Phase 3
Lifecycle Changes
Active get NL, then Inactive were added New to NL
Implemented a Dormant Campaign 3x/year
Tiering Changes
Better offers to qualified players, then Bonus Incentives
Lowered, then Removed unqualified players
Implemented In vs Out, then Offer structure change
Additional Segmentation Changes
Leveraged booster offers to drive play in certain periods
Built, then enhanced email & mobile campaigns
Case Study #2
Overall Tiering Change
Tier Specific Testing
Tier Specific Test Overview
Monthly NL List of 85,000 players
Test Tier F - Tier Characteristics
21% of total list
Responsible for 14% of total play
Net Win of over $50/trip
Tier growth opportunity
Testing Metrics
Current State:
(2) $10 Offers per Month
1st-15th & 16th-31st
Booster Offer: None
Two-Month Test:
(1) $10 Offer per Week
In: Mon-Thurs & Out: Sat-Thurs
Booster Offer: 1x-2.5x for specific day(s)
Booster Offer
Positive Results
Lifecycle - Segmentation - Reporting
Your Presenter Today
Chad Carpenter
Vice President
10-year Marketing Executive
Passion for Innovative Solutions
Data-driven Marketing Strategies
Movement Analysis
Twin Pine Casino
Monthly Newsletter
VIP vs Regular
In vs Out-of-Market
Numeric Reporting
Data Visualization
No Response
Segmenting Data is a Key 1st Step
R - When was the last time you did 'x'?
F - How often do you do 'x'?
M - At what financial level do you do 'x'?
G - Where do you reside?
Core Gamer
Bus Program
Local Market
Outer Market
Local Market
Outer Market
Alumni Association Membership Acquisition Campaign
Transition to Teuteberg
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