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The Public Art Academy

COMM 471 - Spring 2010

Danielle Scarpa

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of The Public Art Academy

The Public Art Academy StArt Classy President Vice President VP of Creative Design VP of Special Events Background on the Public Art Academy Founded on January 28, 2010
Recognized the need for PR in the arts
Four ladies came together
The PAA was their StArt Founded in 2007 by Michael & Keiko Pilato
Located in Williamsport, PA
Offer art education tuition based classes
Funded by The Schreyer Foundation Grant "The Public Art Academy is committed to providing the highest quality art education for students with a passion for public art. Using a new approach to curriculum, which envisions entire communities as museums without walls, the Academy pledges to provide its students with inspiring, rigorous and rewarding training, and to cooperatively work with communities to enrich their public spaces with imaginative public art that enhances the quality of life." The PAA's Problems Funding
Vacant Space
Executive Board
Classes on Hold S W O T STRENGTHS The cause/mission
Passion from founders
Money from Schreyers
Community involvement
Potential donors
Local interest in art WEAKNESSES Lack of organization
No consistent student base or target market
Misunderstanding of goals
Big dreams, little follow through
Currently not opened as an art studio OPPORTUNITIES Murals are in very visible areas
The PAA studio can be used for events
Need for a place in Williamsport for troubled youths
Many businesses have donated in the past THREATS Very low funding
Rising art industry could cause competition
Lack of awareness
The Board of Directors Research 1 2 Primary Research Questionnaire to arts related non profit institutions
Few returned responses
Pushcart Players

Located in New Jersey
Non profit theatre organization Secondary Research Palmer Art Museum
Art Alliance of Central Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
Carnegie Museum of Art
Pittsburgh Public Theatre
Agora Gallery
Montclair Art Museum
Statement of the Problem The Public Art Academy is in need of more funding in order to earn their matching grant from the Schreyer Foundation and carry out their mission. By promoting the studio space at the PAA as an event rental venue, the PAA will be able to gain the necessary funding at a small cost. Goals To rent vacant studio space
To raise funds to keep grant
Plan Studio Gala
To raise awareness
Separate PAA from Pilato Murals
Create a positive PAA brand To have, by October 2010, 45% of 25- 50 year olds in Williamsport know that the Public Art Academy has space in the Pajama Factory that is available to hold community events.
To have, by August 2010, 20% increase in the number of local magazine and newspapers aware of and writing about The Studio Gala that will plan to take place on October 16, 2010.
Spread Info. Organization Community
talk business
relationships STRATEGY Message Educating Through the Power of Art Children thrive through creativity
Welcome community environment
Involved Children = Brighter Future for
Target Audiences Primary Professional Community Members
Wedding Planners
Business Owners Secondary Williamsport Residents Intervening Mothers of the groom or bride
Party attendants
Arts enthusiasts
Local restaurant owners
Rental service
Diverse Audience Adaptive Art Program Disabled teenagers, ages 13-18 years old Tactics and Rationale Establish giving Board of Directors
Rent the studio space often
Host annual Studio Gala
Attract youths to the PAA
Hire Social Media Intern/get rid of some of the Web sites Evaluation Prepartion Implementation Impact Enough background?
Selection of guests?
Increased awareness? How many people were invited to the event?
How many press releases, media advisories, etc. to send out?
Who should we get to sponsor and feature? Record Everything! Inquiries for the studio space
Rental of the studio space
Studio Gala ticket sales
Amount of money earned from events
Is the money funding art classes? SOCIAL MEDIA PLAN BILLBOARD Web pages on
publicartacademy.org Media Kit Postcards INVITATION Save-the-Date Magnet News Release
Fact Sheet
Media Advisory

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