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How Physiological Arousal Color Words Effect Visual Short Term Memory

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jordyn barrett

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of How Physiological Arousal Color Words Effect Visual Short Term Memory

Presentation outline *background
*statement of the problem
*purpose of the study
*research questions and hypothesis
*questions Purpose? This study is to determine if there is a positive connection between color and memory retention.

- The experiment is directed towards stimuli arousing graphemes and cognitive retention verses black colored graphemes. Amelia C. Morgan, Haley A. Corson, Jordyn N. Barrett, S. Smith How physiological
arousal colors
effect visual short
term memory Background *the purpose of this investigation is to determine if words with stimulating colors enhance cognition better than black graphemes. The experiment will help to assess if color is a factor in memory retention, or if STM (short term memory) has any intersecting ties to pigment.

*throughout the educational field teachers have often expressed the notion of different learning styles and methods used to give information to students in the most effective way. Problem Statement *The nations average reading scores show low-average scores per state. Research shown by the APA states that people can boost their working memory by practicing.

*will Identifying text that can boost memory,such as color text,strengthen retention? EDU 202/PSY 101 Learning Community
Fall 2012 Research Questions, and Hypothesis *Will colored words show stronger retention than black colored words?
*Words written in red will show a higher retention rate than words written in the color black. Methodology Our study is a one group pre-post design. With one group of 15 random Flagler students,who take part in a preliminary test, and then a post retention test.

-subjects take part in a timed retention test to determine memory capabilities.
*independent variable: Timed-test, number of words,
*dependent variable: word color, number of letters in words Sample *15 Flagler College students
*8 females, 7 males
*picked at random.
*All ethnicities were included.
*Ages ranged from 17-25.
*males and females
* NOT colorblind
*freshman-Seniors Procedure *subjects take part in a colorblind pretest.
*15 non-colorblind participants view 7 flash cards with black colored words at 1 second per card
*write down as many as remembered
- The memory test was not timed.
*repeat process for red words pretest Color blind test Words red words

*jet ANALYSIS Mode, Median, Mean Delimitations / Limitations *Must be a Flagler student.
* Must have passed the prerequisite.
* Given only 7 seconds per flashcard set

* should red words prove test higher than black words, it does not mean that Flagler students only are more receptible to stimuli arousing words.
* cannot control if some students deal better with pressure. Discussion * some things we found....

- the study could have prospered better if words did not rhyme or show same sounds.
-also the environment in which the study took place would have been more conducive in a controlled place.
- as well, other colors should be examined, as some studies have shown that males are mare attracted to the color red, thus giving them an advantage. Classroom this study shows that implementing text with color can be both helpful and beneficial in the classroom environment. Also the use of images could also be conducive.

-as a sidenote, male students could be given text in the color red to help with retention. further studies should be down to find a color for females to equal the educational field in the retention section. black words

*hill -The study proved our hypothesis that color graphemes would prove to have higher retention, though we also found averages to prove certain colors for gender.
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