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aussie crocs

No description

Jack MIller

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of aussie crocs

Do you know how they hunt? Do you know what they eat? They eat fish, birds and big and small mammals. They hunt under the murky water Did you know a croc can grow up to 7 metres long? Aussie Crocs so their prey won't see them
coming. They drag them under
water in a death roll. you know when the croc's tail is rotated, It is ill. stretches of freshwater creeks and streams. Junior crocs are forced into marginal river systems and even sometimes into the ocean. Do you know, crocs compete fiercely with each other for territory. Dominant males occupy the most eligible reptiles Crocs are from the reptile
family. Reptiles are cold blooded. Do bibliography

croc boys.
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