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Startup Weekend

No description

Zane Groshelle

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of Startup Weekend

"I just love
making stuff" "I am more productive and end up with more creative energy in these three days than I do all year" Rock, Paper... WAR! Challenge your neighbor
Loser joins winner's side
Loser's following joins winner's side
Cheer on your side!
ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN 0 what is this? 54 hours from concept to company Our Mission INSPIRING CHANGE IN
THE LIVES OF ENTREPREURS After Startup Weekend, will you: Have met a co-founder? Learned how to validate and build an idea? Articulate your ideas? Quit your day job? Events Cities Countries Attendees Global / local organizers 685+ 320 85 63,000+ 1,200+ Startup Weekend is Massive Also Happening This Weekend # # # SWCITY SWCITY SWCITY # SWCITY # SWCITY Why Are You Here? hey, I'm Your Name Fun and informative bit about YOU AND YOUR EXPERIENCE WITHIN THE STARTUP COMMUNITY AND STARTUP WEEKEND! Favorite Quote or bits of wisdom or other statement! Your Photo Here Global Sponsers Tonight FAQ Pitchfire You can't say too much in 60 seconds.. ..so don't try to. Make people want to know more. 5-10 s Who are You? 10-20s What's your Problem? 10-20s What's your Solution? 5-10s Who do you Need? the concept. Make up a Take is Brand NAME! notes. Contagious! Enthusiasm Judging Criteria Validation Customer Business Model Execution ... And Beyond Get out
Learn Competition
Revenue Challenge
Show Viability
Team "I have had this idea for a while and have always wondered if it had legs." "I'm ready to create a startup!" # SWsea2012 123467 WIFI:
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