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Master UC Presentation

No description

Glen Sykes

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Master UC Presentation

Cisco Social Miner
For example, mines against Twitter Hash tags, Twitter Accounts, or Facebook pages
Social Miner then provides:
The ability to configure multiple campaigns to search for customer postings on the public social web about your company's products, services, or area of expertise
Filtering of social contacts based on preconfigured campaign filters to focus campaign searches
Routing of social contacts to skilled customer care representatives in the contact centre or to experts in the enterprise--multiple people can work together to handle responses to customer postings through shared work queues
Detailed metrics for social media customer care activities, campaign reports, and team reports Social Networks UCCX – For Small to Medium Sized deployments of up to 400 agents
All in one solution
Similar feature support to UCCE (ASR, TTS), CRM Integration, Email management
Inbuilt IVR
Cisco Unified Intelligence Centre
Contact Centre Reporting – reporting and real time dashboards Cisco Contact Centre (cont.) Conferencing is a powerful enabler of new collaborative working practices across the organisation
Different conferencing options are available for different meeting types, appropriate to the work being conducted
Business impact is increased productivity, as employees would otherwise have to travel to meet, or Teleconference which is known to provide a less satisfactory experience Summary Powerful TelePresence Capabilities can be added to CUCM
Hardware MCU’s for High Definition multi-party conferences with customisable layouts
Firewall Traversal Technology enabling secure business to business video communication Cisco TelePresence Networking Scheduled Conferences may be fulfilled by a number of means available from Cisco

MeetingPlace on premise conferencing (Audio and Basic Video)
Great for On-Premise, Secure Audio and basic video conferencing
WebEx Meetings
Top 3 most widely used Internet SaaS
MeetingPlace with WebEx (Audio, Basic Video and Web Conferencing)
All the benefits of WebEx, with all the benefits of MeetingPlace
TelePresence MCUs with TelePresence Management Suite Scheduling
Optional WebEx One Touch integration Cisco Conferencing Options Cisco Unified Communications supports a number of styles of conference calls, whether ad-hoc or scheduled, dial in or dial out, with audio, video and web collaboration, from a single unified platform
Ad-hoc conferencing is a very popular mode of bringing together multiple participants at short notice for quick conference sessions
Scheduled, more structured conferences are typically used for larger, or longer conferences, that might also take place on a reoccurring basis (such as monthly team meetings) Cisco Conferencing Options Applications make CUCM able to be fully integrated into existing business processes, or help to create new processes
Unified Mobility makes it easy for employees to be located by phone, through the provision of a single number which rings multiple devices
Gives choice to the user as to where the call is accepted
Flexibility to move the call between devices
Unified Presence provides powerful new capabilities for employees to find expertise quickly, through the indication of availability, and simple IM chat
3rd Party applications can be developed on top of Cisco’s open API and XML structures giving powerful integration
Increased customer satisfaction due to improved communication with the organisation
Increased customer satisfaction due to improved response times in accessing customer records (CRM integration) Summary Real-time location-tracking database and enhanced routing capabilities
Supports automatic notification of customer security personnel when an emergency call is in progress and provides the caller's location
Requires no administrative support for moving phones or staff from one location to another

Legal Requirement in USA
No Legal requirement in Europe – yet
Requirements in Europe are variable (Illegal in Germany)
Anticipated 2012 to be a Legal Requirement in Europe
112 Service expected to be released when required Cisco Emergency Responder Message Recording/Retrieval
TUI Settings
Message delivery
Single Inbox
Web Inbox
Visual Voicemail
Call Routing/Voice Activation Demo Logicalis recommends Cisco Unity Connection as ABC Company’s consolidated Unified Messaging Platform
Provides extensive options for message retrieval, enabling remote workers and busy executives to access their messages in a number of ways
Business Benefit is improved response times, with employees who would normally need to wait until they are able to access their Voicemail, now able to access messages on the move Summary Logicalis recommends a centralised CUCM Cluster for centralised call processing for ABC Company
Lower Total Cost of Ownership (Support, Maintenance, Administration)
Rich Features set, appropriate to different roles
To facilitate flexibility in rolling out Cisco Unified Communications, Regional Offices are recommended to use Cisco UC Manager Express to enable standalone solutions from Day 1, becoming SRST sites registered to CUCM later
Or alternatively, can be implemented as SRST from Day 1
A range of endpoints are available to fulfil different functional roles, including Analogue endpoints to retain use of any existing Legacy analogue equipment
Measureable ROI is achieved through consolidation of multiple disparate systems into a single maintenance contract, and the consolidation of 2 separate networks (Tie Lines / and Frame Relay) into a Unified MPLS WAN
Other ROI is achieved through improved employee effectiveness (15 to 20%, Cisco) Summary Existing Network Diagram Segmented Architecture To make it easier for employees to communicate and connect with each other, in the most time efficient way
To have consistent voice dialling capability across the organisation
To introduce an single enterprise-wide unified messaging system, with options for message retrieval
To introduce pervasive video communication across the business
Standardise on a single instant messaging platform and understand what business and productivity gains can be achieved by doing so
To deliver an in-house collaboration service, in place of the pay-per-minute service used currently
To expand and enhance the current contact centre capability, with higher agent numbers and follow the sun capability, outbound voice, email and social media integration
To implement a system that will accommodate for the organisations growth ambitions, in terms of both adding new sites, and accommodating new working practices
To reduce the on-going costs of supporting disparate voice platforms, and the network upon which they operate. ABC Corporation’s Requirements Gartner Magic Quadrant leaders in
Corporate Telephony
Unified Communications
Contact Centre Infrastructure worldwide
Web Conferencing
Positive Ratings in Gartner 2012 Market Scope for TelePresence and Group Video Systems
A long and creditable history in IP Communications Leaders in UC Kevin Stanzl
Glen Sykes Master UC Demonstration Agent Experience
DNIS based call routing, with skill based selection
DNIS based call routing with IP and IVR
Outbound dial
Multichannel communications with Email
Supervisor Experience
Supervisor client view (agent status, group status, text chat, agent state change, real time stats)
Call Monitor, Barge and Intercept
Management Experience
Historical Reporting of relevant contact centre activity Demo Flexibility
Efficiency through CTI
Agent Guidance
Customer Satisfaction
Management Information Solutions Business Effects Social Miner Customers don’t always want to make a phone call to deal with an issue
Social networks such as Twitter and Facebook are often used by customers to make comments about a business or product that provides powerful opportunities for an organisation to engage with that individual
Conversely, an organisation that doesn’t tap into this information is blind to a significant proportion of customer opinion
Many customers want streamlined interactions, with less than positive views of telephone interactions with traditional contact centres
Cisco Contact Centre solutions address these modern challenges with a multi-streamed approach to customer communication. Modern Communication Challenges In many scenarios, a full contact centre deployment may not be required
CUCM natively supports Hunt Groups that may be configured to provide a level of skills based routing, especially if deployed alongside an IVR CUCM Basic Features Cisco’s solutions for Contact Centres enable new, more powerful interactions between an organisation and its customers.
Traditional Voice interactions are supported by multi-channel communications, such as E-Mail, Social Media integration and Web Chat
Different Contact Centre Solutions for different requirements
UCCE – For large enterprise contact centre requirements
Global, Follow the Sun type deployments
Thousands of agents, highly scalable
Cisco Voice Portal - Deployed alongside UCCE
Powerful IVR on VoIP networks
Automatic Speech Recognition
Text to Speech Integration
CRM Database Integration Cisco Contact Centre Martin Smith Section 6 Contact Centre Hybrid Meeting Place/WebEx (scheduling)
ImmersiV TelePresence Service Integration Demo For board meeting, or team meetings that are not focused on content creation, Logicalis recommends Cisco TelePresence
Cisco TelePresence enables entire organisations to communicate with the power of High Definition Video
Results in greater understanding between participants
Less tiring than audio only calls
Greater productivity through travel reduction and workforce flexibility
Available as on-premise or as a service from Logicalis (ImmersiV) Recommended Solution - Meetings Cisco offers a comprehensive range of video endpoints, enabling pervasive video communications throughout the organisation
TelePresence provides a means to bring co-workers together in meetings
Provides workforce flexibility, video calls can be made from anywhere with a suitable internet connection
Reduces misunderstandings between people due to improved communication
Less tiring than audio conferencing
Travel Reduction
Improved development cycle times Cisco TelePresence Cisco WebEx is a hugely popular collaboration tool, bringing together teams from across the globe with Voice, Video and Web Collaboration for powerful content sharing and co-creation
WebEx accounts may be purchased per user, and is included in CUWL licensing
When combined with MeetingPlace, organisations can take control of the voice and video elements of these sessions to:
Contain Costs (WebEx can incur dial out voice costs per minute)
Secure Voice and Video traffic (traffic doesn’t transit the internet)
Enables TP systems to join meetings

Business Benefits by introducing great flexibility in how teams can convene, unhindered by location or system type, improving productivity and reducing the need for travel WebEx Teamworking Glen Sykes Section 5 Conferencing and Collaboration CRM Integration
Click to Dial (TAPI Integration)
Screen Pop
Search Records (XML App)
XML Applications for IP Phones
Arc Whisper
Ciptec caller ID
Voicemail integration into Google Apps
Delivers feature parity to Outlook VM Integration in Google
Platform for embedded collaboration capability (Voice, Video, IM and Presence within Google Apps) Third Party Applications Cisco Client Services Framework Single Number Reach
Caller Dials into User’s Extension
Based on SNR rules, both Extension and users Mobile phone ring simultaneously
User answers call appropriate to their location
Example, David is travelling to the office but is delayed in traffic.
Answers call placed to his primary number (his DDI) on his mobile
Arrives at office 10 mins later, David hangs up the call and then presses the ‘Mobility’ phone soft key and take the rest of the call on the desk phone
When enabled, SNR tells CUCM to hold state on the call, even after disconnection for a short amount of time, enabling the call to be reconnected on the desk phone.
Conversely, calls can be moved from a desk phone to your mobile in the same way! Cisco Unified Mobility Cisco Unified Department Attendant Console
Designed for team-based answering functions
Support for up to two operator clients & 150 Cisco Unified IP Phone users
Cisco Unified Business Attendant Console
Designed for mid-sized businesses
Support for up to six operator clients & 500 Cisco Unified IP Phone users
Cisco Unified Enterprise Attendant Console
Designed for larger enterprises
Support for up to 25 operator clients & 100,000 Cisco Unified IP Phone users Cisco Unified Attendant Consoles Integrated messaging – Cisco Unity Connection
Email, voice, and fax messages in single inboxes
Intelligent voice messaging – Cisco Unity Express
Full-featured voicemail providing advanced capabilities
Branch Offices – consider SRSV

Unified messaging – Cisco Unity (EoS)
Email, voice, and fax messages managed from a single inbox Unified Messaging Platforms Martin Smith Section 3 Messaging Phone features (IP phone Services & directory lookup)
CUCM User Option
Extension Mobility
SRST Demo Contact Centre Agents / Office Worker
6900 or 7900 series
Potentially plan for DX650
Skill / Knowledge Worker
8900 / 9900 series phones
Remote / Home Workers
EX Series
Combination of Jabber and 8900 / 9900 phones
Jabber for iPad
Consider EX60 or EX90 for Video enabled execs Recommended Endpoints Proposed Network Diagram Martin Smith ABC Company Scenario and Proposed Solution Bulk Administration Tool
Greatly Simplifies User Provisioning, lowering cost of initial implementation
Tool for Auto-Registered Phone Support
Vastly speeds up deployment of phones / endpoints
Call Detail Record Analysis and Reporting Tool
Disaster Recovery System
Real-Time Monitoring Tool Unified Communications Manager - Utilities Call Manager Clustering IP Networks have come from a background of treating all traffic types as equal
Time Sensitive traffic such as Voice and Video, if treated the same as other traffic can introduce issues of Latency, Jitter and Packet Loss, meaning poor quality calls
Quality of Service features in the LAN and WAN ensure that time-sensitive traffic is prioritised and given sufficient guaranteed bandwidth over other traffic types
Cisco MediaNet is the latest in a string of innovations that simplifies the administration of a media-rich network
Automatic provisioning of QoS and Security policies according to device type
MediaNet capabilities embedded in Cisco routers, switches and endpoints
Proactive testing of the network for changes that might impact call quality (IPSLA VO)
Streamlined reporting ‘i.e. John from Finance is having issues with Desktop Video’
Works with 3rd party endpoints Network as a Platform for UC Cisco Unified Communications Manager Cisco UC comprises of a rich set of capabilities, that organisations can take advantage of through the implementation of Cisco UC technologies:
Voice over IP
Video Communications
Unified Messaging
Instant Messaging and Presence
Audio, Video and Web Conferencing
Contact Centres Cisco Unified Communications Glen Sykes
Martin Smith Section 2 Call Control and Endpoints Cisco’s breadth of technology solutions provides ABC company with the capability to purchase a solution that not only enables greater integration between sites, but also:
Enables adoption of the technology at a comfortable pace that manages risk
Provides flexibility in terms of how it is purchased, in terms of both licensing and financing
Provides flexibility in terms of how it is deployed, whether on-premise, cloud or hybrid cloud approaches
Provides a foundation to exploit other collaborative technologies as and when the organisation requires Summary * Denoted User Connect Enhanced Plus option Licensing Explained Capex / Opex, Finance (Cisco Capital)
Purchasing structures to suit different organisational requirements
Cisco Buyback Schemes
Lowering the barrier to complete Cisco adoption if desired
Flexible Consumption models
‘As a Service’
Hybrid approaches Purchasing Unified Communications – Business Applications Integrated Architecture Glen Sykes
Martin Smith Section 1 Business Goals Logicalis is a reputable, international IT systems integrator, specialising in Networking, Computing, Unified Communications, Cloud and Managed Services.
Logicalis provides ICT solutions in Europe, North and South America and Asia Pacific regions
Logicalis is a Cisco Gold partner, with several accolades from Cisco including:
Cisco Partner of the Year (UK&I) - (2012)
Cisco Global award for Architectural Excellence Partner of the Year – (2011)
Data Centre and Virtualisation Partner of the Year – (2010)
Unified Communications Partner of the Year (2009)

Privately Held organisation with strong balance sheet and business performance Introduction Quality Management
Call Recording
Screen Capture
Performance Templates

Work Force Management
Manage Agent usage
Plan for peaks and troughs
Measure adherence

Planned Campaigns
Improve performance

Multi Channel
Voice – high priority
Web Chat – instant messaging
Email & SMS QM, WFM, Outbound and Multi Channel CVP
Queuing at the edge

Expert Advisor
Additional CC resources

Segmented Reporting
Report Customisation
External DB integration CUCM Call Coverage
Single Dial Plan
Fall Back to Hunt Groups
No agent geographic restrictions

Rapid deployment
Integrated Voice, OB and Email
Integrated IVR

Real time failover
CTI & CRM integration
Integration with non Cisco ACD’s
CAD and CTIOS Value and Positioning of CC Solutions Ad-hoc conferences typically fall into 2 categories

Where a user has a personal meeting space (number) in which they can invite participants to join by dialling into that number
CUCM based MeetMe
Hardware Based MeetMe
Impromptu Conferencing
Where a user may add multiple telephones to a conference by dialling out to numbers and joining them into a single ad-hoc conference Cisco Conferencing Options Jabber Presence & Mobility Demo Presence Indicators give an instant view as to the availability of agents

Example: Users may be grouped into subject matter experts, making the ability to locate an expert directly faster and easier

Presence is available on all Cisco Jabber Clients, i.e.
Blackberry Cisco Unified Presence Glen Sykes
Martin Smith Section 4 Applications UCCX Proposed Network Diagram 1080p Desktop Video
Android Powered supporting numerous 3rd party applications including VDI Clients
HDMI Output for Dual Monitor display, ideal for Video Contact Centres
Embedded WebEx and Jabber capabilities Cisco DX650 Cisco Unified IP Phone 6901 (single-line)
Occasional communications needs
Lobbies, Cafeterias, Hallways, Hotel Restrooms, Conference Centers
Cisco Unified IP Phone 6911 (single-line)
Lighter communications needs
Classrooms, Manufacturing Floors, Knowledge Workers and Teleworkers
Cisco Unified IP Phone 6921 (two-line)
Moderate level of communications
Knowledge workers and Teleworkers
Video support with Jabber
Cisco Unified IP Phone 6941 (four-line)
Moderate-to-high level of communications
Knowledge workers, administrative staff, managers
Video support with Jabber
Cisco Unified IP Phone 6961 (twelve-line)
Most active communications needs
Administrative staff and managers
Video support with Jabber Cisco Unified 6900 Series IP Phones Cisco is the only manufacturer able to bring to bear a complete End to End solution encompassing:
Network Foundations (Cisco Borderless Networks)
Unified Communications (VoIP, IM, Presence, Unified Messaging)
TelePresence and Pervasive Video
Web Collaboration
Contact Centres
Enterprise Social Networking
Digital Media Systems

Whilst customers are able to enjoy advantages unique to deploying an end to end Cisco solution, Cisco invests significantly in ensuring interoperability through standards, such that customers can choose to use other vendors in areas if required.
Unparalleled scope of customer choice. Why Cisco? Cost benefit to removing analogue lines wherever possible

Simple v Complex
Number of ports Analogue Endpoints Number of participants Level of Immersion Cisco TelePresence Endpoints Collaborate from Any Workspace

Intel PC, Mac, tablet, smart phone
On-premises and Cloud
Integration with Microsoft Office All-in-one UC Application

Presence & IM
Voice, Video, voice messaging
Desktop sharing, conferencing Cisco Jabber Cisco Unified Video Camera 9900 and 8900 Series Advanced Media Portfolio
Widest array of applications
Accessories enrich interaction & applications
Earth-friendly innovation Advanced business communications
Rich suite of services
Wide array of applications 7900 Series Cost effective business-grade voice services
Basic endpoint applications
Earth-friendly innovation 6900 Series Cisco Unified IP Phone Portfolio Collaborate from Any Workspace

Intel PC, Mac, tablet, smart phone
On-premises and Cloud
Integration with Microsoft Office All-in-one UC Application

Presence & IM
Voice, Video, voice messaging
Desktop sharing, conferencing Cisco Jabber Cisco Unity Express Cost-effective integrated voice messaging and auto attendant for branch and small office environments
Cisco Unity Connection Voicemail or integrated messaging with speech recognition and call routing rules on an easy-to-manage Linux platform Cisco Voice Messaging Portfolio Integrated Experience Enterprise
Software Secure
Company Flexible
Models Interoperable,
Architecture Video
Communications Unified Communications – Strategic Direction Messaging Mobile
Applications Enterprise
Social Software TelePresence
and Video Conferencing
IM and presence Customer
Care IP
Communications Cisco Collaboration Portfolio Interfaces SIP/SIMPLE
API’s 3rd party
XMPP clients Rich, native Federation to Webex webex Interfaces Jabber APIs
Jabber Werx
XMPP IM & Presence
Webex, OCS, IBM,
Jabber XCP, GoogleTalk Cisco Unified
Mobile Advantage Cisco
Communicator SIP & call
control Audio Unified Personal
Communicator 8.0 XMPP integrations SIP UC integrations VOS CUP 8.6 Cisco Unified Client Services Framework UC
Manager Agent Desktop Expert Advisor Contact Center CUPC 7.1
(incl. MAC support) MS Exchange
Calendaring Cisco Unified Presence CallManager
Cluster Branch Head Office Voice Traffic ISDN
Backup Call Control Traffic PSTN IP WAN SRST
Router Cape Town Johannesburg Data
Traffic Cisco IP phones automatically reconfigure to IOS based call control if WAN link goes down
Retain all basic features (DID, DOD, Call Hold, Transfer, Speed Dial, Caller ID, Call Forward)
All Calls now routed out local gateway
Automatically re-homes to Call Manager when WAN link returns Cisco Survivable Remote Site Telephony (SRST) SRST DSL Access Telecommuter CUCM Express Regional Office Branch Office PSTN IP WAN Telecommuter VPN Access Internet Router / Gateway CUCM Primary Cluster Headquarters Flexible Deployments SSL EMS Audio & Video
Bridging ddddddddddd Voice Voice SIP Productivity Tools NBR SSL HMS OR H.323 H.225 GK LDAP Pri CUCM Enterprise PSTN HTTPS Cloud
Scheduling Cloud
Recording Cloud
Switching HTTPS HTTPS Cisco MeetingPlace Integration into WebEx
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