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No description

Livia Zhou

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Poems

Poetry Alliteration The repetition of the same kind of sounds at the beginning of the word. By:Livia Zhou Ben's big blue bat likes buckets. Sally sat sadly beside the sea. Ran really likes raspberry.

My favorite animal is dog,
I've seen a hog.
My dog can run fast,
And it lasts.

AABB Simile is a sentence with like or as. Simile People practice with pencils. Ally ate alligators and acorns. Six silly students sang six silly songs. Example ABC Poem ABC Poem is a poem that start with the alphabet in order. Lisa like Lizards. Rhyme Rhyme is a poem of lines with similar ending sounds. Example Blue - True Day - Play Shoot - good Glass - Class Ground - sound Chair - hair Proud - loud Book - shook Example Like to
My dad likes to say ho,
My dad likes to scream.
My mom likes to say go,
My mom likes cream.

ABAB Example Simile Meaning
He is as mean as a snake. He is very mean.
He can run like the wind. He can run very fast.
It's as cold as ice outside. It's very cold today.
The girl is as cute as a button. The girl is cute.
The boy is as sharp as a tack. The boy is very sharp. Shape Poem A dog is cute.
They listen to their owner.
A dog is furry.
They only listen to their owner.
A dog have big eyes.
They are always like this.
A dog is the best thing.
That's why their my favorite thing. Bio Poem

Crazy, quiet, funny, sleepy
Relative of my family
Lover of swimming, grandma, my dog
Who feels Pleasant underwater, curious reading books, glad playing soccer
Who needs dog, family, swimming pools
Who fears Dark, lonely, snake
Who gives craziness, happiness, sadness
Who would like to see dogs, no homework, people who make me laugh
Resident of Chengdu
Zhou Personification Giving human characteristics to things that is not real. The computer is shouting for battery. Example The car is running for freedom. The mango is jumping up and down in the mixer. The cat is singing for food. Any book you read,
Become helpful to you,
Cause you learn words and information,
Did you read a book before?
Excellent, we could talk about now, my
Favorite book is
Gorgeous, it's written by Rick Riodan,
Hazel, Percy, Annebeth, Frank, Jason, Piper and Leo
Is the main Characters in the book.
Jason and the others except Percy and Annebeth are new, so I don't
Know them well, but one thing I am sure is their kind.
Let them fight their enemy,
Many people they met is their enemy,
No one knows how many.
Ocean monster is easy for
Percy, he is the son of Poseidon.
Quiet people are in books,
Reading is interesting, it
Sinks you in, book is
Use books all the time.
Vote for books! it's awesome.
When I read books i imagine the picture in my mind, it is like watching a movie.
X,QWERTYUIASDFGCVBN... there many letters in a book, so when
You open a book you see many letters.
Zero picture are in the books I'm reading, though it's interesting. The pattern of rhyming lines in a poem. Rhyme Scheme Example The End The End Example The End
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