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Justice for the Lubicon Cree

No description

Kelly Han

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Justice for the Lubicon Cree

Justice for the Lubicon Cree 1899
first nations leaders sign treaty covering area of northern Alberta, parts of northern BC, northern Saskatchewan, Northwest territories
Lubicon Cree are overlooked during treaty process
they do not give up any rights to their lands and resources - no formal legal recognition 1939-40
federal government make promise with Lubicon to establish their reserve - promise was never kept 1974-76
Lubicon try to file notice, but Alberta land registry office refuses
when Lubicon take matter to court, government passes new law that prohibits certain claims on 'crown land', so court rejects Lubicon case 1971
province begins construction of all-weather road on Lubicon lands
Lubicon try to initiate negotiations, but federal government dismmisses 1979
in just four years, more than 400 oil wells are drilled within Lubicon land
# of moose killed by hunters drops from more than 200 a year to less than 20
income from trapping falls from over 5000 a year to less than 400
dependence of welfare increases from under 10 to over 90 1982
Lubicon apply for emergency protection from courts
judge denies after concluding that stopping oil development would cause 'large significant damages' to government and oil companies, while any harm done to 'a few individuals who hunt and trap' could be compensated later and 'restore the wilderness' 1987
Lubicon take their cas to UN
UNHRC (UN human rights committee) asks Canada 'to take interim measures of protection to avoid irreparable damage' to Lubicon Cree, but nothing is done 1986
Lubicon announce boycott of 1988 Calgary winter olymics
23 major international museums refuse to loan items 1988
Grymshaw accord
province agrees to set aside around 200km2 of land for Lubicon reserve and 41km2 of land as buffer zone once final agreement is reached 1989
federal government makes offer to Lubicon, they reject it because it did not meet their needs
government refuses to negotiate further
creation of Woodland Cree
federal government creates Woodland Cree within Lubicon land, opens its membership to members of Lubicon
2 years later, Woodland Cree accepts terms similar to 1899 settlement that was offered to Lubicon 1994-95
province allows sour gas processing plant to be built within 4km of proposed Lubicon reserve
plant is built before first regulartory hearings are held, construction begin over Lubicon objections 1985-86
federal government asks E. Davie Fulton (judge, former federal justice minister) to look into Lubcion land dispute
states all evidence supports testimony of Lubicon
federal government then refused to act on his recommendations Photo Petition Bibliography
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Abby, Kelly and Yoo Jung
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