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Positional roles and responsibilities in a 4-3-3

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Chad Rakestraw

on 2 October 2016

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Transcript of Positional roles and responsibilities in a 4-3-3

Thirds of the field
In the Attack
Positional Roles and Responsibilities in a 4-3-3
Defensive Shape
Defending as a unit
Moving side to side as an entire unit when the ball is switched.
Staying compact, not allowing passing lanes through the middle of the field without immediate pressure.
Individual roles
Each player should understand what you want them to do in each zone.
Defensive Tactics
Do you want to high pressure after you lose the ball? Where is your line of confrontation? Will you tell your 7 & 11 to push them inside or outside?
Combination play, switch of play, Fullback attacks
In this formation, the fullbacks become a key part of possession and the attack.
Stretching the field (wide & high)
In order for us to keep the ball and build an attack, we need to get our 2, 3, 7 & 11 with their back to the sidelines. This puts them in position for a switch, and it gives our middle players more space to work with.
Our 9, 7 & 11 should be getting as high up the field as he can in an onside position to give us a target high up the field and to give our 8 & 10 more space to play in.
Our 4 & 5 need to drop off deeper to do the same.
Movement, passing proficiency, first touch & body position
Each players supporting angle and the timing of their movement off the ball must be good.
Players must pass the ball with good weight and accuracy
When they receive, their body position must be open to their options.
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