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Outsiders Plot Diagram

Made by me and Jaime Mancilla. Enjoy!

Michael Kincaid

on 30 September 2014

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Transcript of Outsiders Plot Diagram

Ponyboy and his brothers got along after all of
the bad events that went on (such as Sodapop
getting sick of Darry and Ponyboy always arguing). Ponyboy got over Dally and Johnny's deaths without denial and had to go to court. Soon after, Ponyboy had to write a theme for his English class. His theme turned out to be the story of his last few days, and he named it
The Outsiders

The Characters are introduced and the plot starts to get recognized...

In the exposition, Ponyboy Curtis is introduced, Ponyboy is walking home and gets jumped by the Socials. Ponyboy gets saved by his gang and they go home. The rest of the gang soon leaves. We are introduced to Ponyboy's two brothers when he gets home. His older brother Darrel argues with him about why Pony never uses his head.

The Outsiders: Plot Diagram
by Michael Kincaid and Jaime Mancilla

Falling Action
And If You Were Asking...
Greasers And Socials Are Rival Gangs In Town.
Rising Action

Ponyboy Curtis (Main)
Sodapop Curtis
Darrel (Darry) Curtis
Two-Bit Mathews
Dallas (Dally) Winston
Johnny Cade
Thank You For Watching!

Ponyboy and two other greasers go out to the movies and Ponyboy meets Cherry Valance and Marcia. Once they leave; Ponyboy, Two-Bit, and Johnny get "discovered" by two Socs that happen to be Cherry and Marcia's boyfriends named Bob Sheldon and Randy Adderson. The girls left with Bob and Randy. Then Pony and Johnny go to sleep in the parking lot, and come across a blue Mustang full of Socs including Bob and Randy. Johnny kills Bob when he and the other Socs try to drown Ponyboy. Later, Pony and Johnny run away from town.

While out of town, Pony and Johnny try to survive out in the open world. Their hide out is in an old abandoned church. At the church, Pony reads a poem called,
Nothing Gold Can Stay
. This poem brings Ponyboy and Johnny together more. A few days after Dally went to go find Pony and Johnny. Dally took the two boys to eat. When they got back to the old church they had realized that it was on fire. Pony and Johnny ran into the church to save a group of kids that were playing inside. Pony and Johnny save the kids, but got harmed while doing so. They were taken to the hospital to get treated from the injuries. Johnny had to stay in the hospital because his back was broken. Afterwords, the Greasers got in a "Rumble" with the Socials.

The Greasers win the "Rumble" against the Socials. After the rumble Dally and Pony rush to the hospital to visit Johnny to tell him that the Greasers won the rumble, but once they arrived, Johnny tells Pony to "Stay Gold" and died. Dally became weak from Johnny's death, and robbed a store. The Greasers try to save Dallas from the cops, but they were too late, because Dally pulled out a gun and got shot by the fuzz (police officers). After the two deaths, Ponyboy denies (in his mind) that Johnny and Dally died. He thinks about Johnny not being dead; instead sitting on the porch or at the abandoned church. Pony's grades got lower over the days. He tries to get over everything that has happened in those last few days (which seemed like years).

The Outsiders
By S.E. Hinton
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