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Nathaniel Miller

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Freedom Rides, 1961 The 5 w's Circumstances that led to Event Effects of this event How event contribute to civil rights movement? Who- Civil rights activist and lots of other people
What- A group of white and black people that rode on the interstate buses into the south protesting tsaying whit in the front black in the back.
When- In 1961
Where- Washington D.C., South Carolina, Alabama, Birmingham, Jackson, Nashville
Why- They wanted to test the supreme court's ruling in Bayton v. Virginia (1960) The Supreme court ruling of Bayton v. Virginia in 1960 which declared segregation in interstate bus and rail stations unconstitutional. Some immediate effects of the freedom riders was that lots of them were beaten, jailed, kicked out of places, and etc. But a long term effect was that Kennedy ordered the interstate commerce commission to enforce even stricter guide lines banning segregation in interstate travel. This event made an important and ever lasting contribution to the civil right movement because it encouraged people to stand up for there rights. By: Nathan Miller, Lainey Tackett,
Lauren Cebulske, and Tatum Honeycutt
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