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No description

Simbi Taiwo

on 6 April 2015

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Transcript of CULTURE: AMISH

By: Yajaira Lansiquot and Simbiat Taiwo
Amish Cultural Diffusion
Push and Pull factors for the Amish
Push Factors
Suburban congestion due to overwhelming population.
High land prices to maintain the economy.
Intrusive outside influences mainly due to tourism.
Occupational changes because of the closing of factories, jobs, or markets.
Pull Factors
More non-farm work due to specialized occupations.
Rural isolation for Amish traditions and lifestyle because of new borders.
Suitable social and physical environments due to governments and services.
Closer relations with family and other Amish church groups due to a new environment.
(Amish barbecue centered around Amish taste)
(Amish buggy sign warns oncoming vehicles of Amish settlements)
Pennsylvania Dutch (Deutsch) and a Swiss dialect are spoken in a few Amish communities.
The Amish are fundamental and Protestant Christians that do not accept modern technology.
The Amish eat livestock and foods grown in their gardens.
(Amish products and crafts)
(Amish community building architecture)
(Amish school)
Amish clothing is very plain. Belts, gloves, ties, and sneakers, are banned. Amish clothing is also usually very dark and all items are handmade (authentic).
The Amish do not play musical instruments because it is viewed as a means of self-expression which can be taken as pride or superiority. Amish church songs are derived from the old hymn book, the Ausbund.
The Amish do not normally celebrate public holidays, but they take those days off. They do celebrate Christmas, Easter, and Good Friday. Also, they recognize Thanksgiving, New Years, and the Fourth of July.
Thanks For Listening Folks
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