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Class- or Mass?

No description

ghazal sam

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Class- or Mass?

The Problem Objectives the company's Strengths and Weaknesses Situation Analysis The Situation Company named Neptune Gourmet Seafood Sells High Quality seafood to: Grocery Stores
Restaurants 4% of their revenues also comes from a fish
market that the company owns and operates They recently invested A lot of money
in new technological equipments
For Example: Six Freezer Trawlers

These new technologies help the company
get more and better fishes. The company has excess inventory Full Warehouses, not enough space to keep the excess inventory. Can't afford to dispense the excess inventory. Their new technologies are going against their interest. The company has a very important image that they need to maintain The company's objectives are mostly Qualitative The company has a very important image to maintain. The solution chosen to fix the problem must not make a difference in the company's image. Its very important for the company to offer great quality sea food. The quality of their supplies is one of their priorities. Because of the great quality of their products, the company sells their products at a 30% higher price than other companies do The company is very well known for offering good quality products. Strengths The company has more than one source of income.
Restaurants, Grocery stores, etc. ASPD Gold Seal of Approval They have access to new and efficient technological equipments. Owns more than one manufacture. They have different sorts of products to offer. Weaknesses Excess Inventory Their technologies brought them to produce more than expected. Their prices are 30% higher, and this might make consumers go toward other brands. They have a limited target market. Situation Analysis Assess Existing programs Two Manufactures
(one in Florida & one in Virginia) Newest Technologies Different Sources of income. INTERNAL FACTORS ORGANIZATIONAL ISSUES Mismanagement of their new equipments (Lack of research and planification a head of time) MARKETING MIX VARIABLES ALTERNATIVES PRICE CUT Disadvantages Lose of the ASPD Gold Seal Approval Product will be perceived as bad quality Cheap product in the eyes of the consumers The company will make less profit Their costumers will change (they will lose costumers) Advantages They can get rid of their excess inventory. They will appeal to budget conscious consumers. More sells Temporary solution for a Temporary Problem Bonus Amount Disadvantages Its going to cause more demand for the bonus products. They will lose income Price of productivity will go up The consumers will lose interest in their "not bonused" products. Advanatges More Product consummation More Sells Gain new costumers Temporary Solution for a Temporary problem Exporting Inventory Disadvantages Less Profit Exportation expenses Long and complicated process Advanatages The company will get to keep their image. The company can expand their market Product Good Quality Product Price 30% higher price than other brands A 820 Million$ company Place Two manufactures Fishing further out in the sea Distribution to cruise lines, Grocery stores, Fish markets & Restaurants Production ASPD gold Seal of Approval Different branch of consumers High quality for good Price Best Alternative Bonus Amount The second choice consists of a long, expensive and complicated process The first option is out of question Consumer's satisfaction
-Still the same quality of product More for the same price
-The costumers pay for what they want, but get a bit more Great way to attract consumers
- Their offer is limited
- More consummation Profits
-Not dispensing their excess inventory
-Making money/profit from their excess inventory This plan brings to the company a lot more advantages than disadvantages and as we mentioned before, they company's objectives are qualitative, this plan lets the company keep their values and objectives. The cause of this problem : The company was not organized and did not make efficient plans. The Solution to this problem : The company should sell most of their old equipment, to avoid having excess inventory. They should also be more organized and plan their for their actions. TIMETABLE Goal To generate some revenue from the excess inventory 2 month plan Offer restaurants 30% more of their products
Offer grocery stores also 30% more for the same price (bonus packages)
25% more processed food (tuna)
15% more fish for the fish markets for the same price
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