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Bill to a Law

No description

Kayle Searle

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Bill to a Law

HOw a Bill becomes a law First Step Legislation is Proposed Any Senator or house member can introduce new ideas for laws. Legislators study the idea and often holds public hearings. Second Step Third Step Fourth Step the legislators report is then sent and
read to the House of the senate! The bill is then sent to The Rules Committee They can either out it on the calendar for a second reading, or take on action. When the second reading happens on the bill it is again debated before it makes the final passage. Also if the same bill is passed between House and the senate
it will go to the president. Fifth Step Although if different bills are passed they are sent to the Conference Committee The Conference Committee members from each house make up the Conference committee They work out the differences, and come up with a compromise. Then conference committee reports on the bill. Both the House and the senate have to agree with the terms. After it has made it passed the house and senate, it is sent to the president A bill becomes a law if the president signs within the first ten days it is sent to him. If president vetoes it, it is sent back to congress saying why he does not agree with it. The veto could be overidden, if both the house and the Senate, then it will be a law.
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