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Presentation of Europe and its main institutions for the Safety Net Project Seminar in Malaysia. Discover more about this Seminar on http://linguafrancafoundation.org in English. Découvrez-en plus sur ce séminaire sur http://uneseuleplanete.wordpress.com

Marco Bertolini

on 13 August 2010

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Transcript of Europe

Europe & its institutions As a continent ? As a patchwork of countries ? As EU ? Does Union mean Unity ? Let's compare ! The USA :
One country
Official language : none
Most spoken language : English

The USA : Motto : Unity in Diversity What are we talking about ? Is it Europe... The EU : 27 countries !
23 official languages !
Most spoken language : German
2nd language : English The USA : The EU : One federal law
States regulations
1 Welfare system 27 national constitutions
European treaties, Regulation, decisions and directives
27 Welfare systems
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