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Earth Based Hackerspaces

Space Federation

James Carlson

on 18 February 2012

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Transcript of Earth Based Hackerspaces

Linking and Launching
Earth-based Hackerspaces What is a hackerspace? School Factory Space Federation Schools for Communities Why do this? Why are *spaces the solution? Challenges faced by spaces Questions to develop: Quick Atrium Overview James Carlson Willow Brugh creating art donations membership fees rental concierge services off boarding extended community how I become a member how I get trained free Education in Hackerspaces Participants: Moderators: Carlyn
CRASHspace LA Jimmie Rogers
Artisan's Asylum Mitch Altman
Noisebridge Jordan Bunker
PS:One Aestetix
Noisebridge Willow Bl00
Jigsaw Renaissance James Carlson
Bucketworks Panel from MakerFaire San Mateo 2011 Schematic of Hackerspaces and Makerspaces creating
community opening a business SCHOOL POPULATION DIY social collaboration hands-on project-based shared resources creativity inclusion community diversity transparency MADISON SECTOR67 JIGSAW RENAISSANCE SEATTLE MILWAUKEE PUMPING STATION ONE BUCKETWORKS CHICAGO founded MAY 22, 2002 founded September 1, 2010 founded APRIL 15, 2009 founded September 23, 2009 CO-WORKING MAKERSPACE HACKERSPACE Shared workspaces for independent professionals CREATIVE LEARNING COMMUNITIES clubhouse for digital natives, programmers, and inventors shared engineering and manufacturing resources for artists, artisans, and engineers COMMON SET OF VALUES schools business community BUILDING ? LOL
WTF talent
and development Alexa Chung is my dream woman Community Development Legal, Tax, Compliance Fundraising & Development Technology Leadership Development Advocacy Space Federation DETROIT BOULDER BAY AREA SOCAL NASHUA ANN ARBOR LOUISVILLE PITTSBURGH CINCINNATI KANSAS CITY RENO JOBS I DON'T WANT THIS ? ? ? donated hosting Make a Space Kit Mentoring and Peer Support What to think about At every step So nothing is overlooked! Communications Conflict resolution We will not fix the roof if it leaks. unconference meetup festival hackathon class finding my place in the community building tech Why is this important? (not just in USA but globally)
What does having a global concept of spaces like these mean for future humanity? What has been working?
What hasn’t been working?
What do we need help with?
What do you need help with? Membership Knowledge Accountability Discussion Dashboard Group Membership Knowledge Accountability Discussion Dashboard Group Membership Knowledge Accountability Discussion Dashboard Group Discussion Membership Accountability Dashboard Knowledge Discussion Membership Accountability Dashboard Knowledge Dashboard Updates from every group that is public and every group that you have joined are displayed on the Home Dashboard. Blog Tracker Members Books Projects Cases Participate in the Group's activities See recent changes by members See recent discussions between members CUSTOMIZE YOUR DASHBOARD Cases are a complete log of the actions taken by members. Questions and updates are shared by group members. The status of each Case is changed by members as work progresses. Projects are high level descriptions of outcomes.

Cases are specific actions. All of the actions the members of the group are responsible for sharing are listed in one place. When you first visit OpenAtrium, you will not be logged in. Sign into your account using your username or email address and password. Or, if you don't have an account, join our community. Choose a username and enter your email address. We love full names Join any groups that interest you. Prove you are human. Home Dashboard Recent Activity Global log of activities from across the entire community by all members. classifications certification insurance zoning and land use political allies containers contents @hypnagogic @willowbl00 Join us! schoolfactory.org
@spacefederation THE MAN Succession access control
member tracking http://goo.gl/Z7dyD this presentation http://goo.gl/Z7dyD Language barriers
Language class (ASL)
Japanese class (offered in spaces)
Potential collaborators: Space Generation
Getting Beyond White Males (seek out diversities) SpaceCamp Jan 7-8 Milwaukee aslkjfasd;lkjfasd
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