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Mamma Mia

By Alena Gleich

Alena Gleich

on 18 March 2010

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Transcript of Mamma Mia

First Premier Date: March 23, 1999

Director: Phyllida Lloyd

Producer: Judy Craymer

Lyricist and Composer: Benny
Anderson and Bjorn Ulvaeus

Choreographer: Anthony Van Laast

Original cast members and characters they played:
Sophie: Lisa Stokke
Donaa: Siobhan McCarthy
Rosie: Jenny Galloway
Tanya: Louis Plowright
Sam Carmichael: Hilton McRae
Bill Austin: Nicolas Colicos
Harry Bright: Paul Clarkson
Sky: Andew Longtee

Awards this musical has won:
Jenny Galloway as Best Supporting Performance in a musical
2002 Theatre World Award- Louis Pitre

The musical is about a girl named Sophie who lives on an island in Greece called Calicos. She is about to get married to her fience Sky.
But the thing is, Sophie wants her father to walk her down the isle for her wedding but has never known who he is. She comes across her moms old diary and discovers that she could have three possible fathers, so she invites them all to her wedding without her mother knowing.
Sophie is hoping that when the men arrive on the island she will be able to tell which one is her father, but all three of them show up and she has no clue as to which is her real father. Right after Sophie leaves the three men in a room away from where she thinks her mother would find them, Donna, her mother walks into the room and sees the three men.
She freaks out and doesn't know what to do so she runs off. Donna and Sophie both don't think the other knows that the three men are there. Sophie's wedding preparations are going on and both of them keep having encoutners with the men. Sophies wedding day finally comes and no one knows who will walk her down the isle or what will happen. To find out the end you have to see the musical or watch the movie! Mamma Mia premiered in 1999, so its time period was pretty much the end of the decade. During this time in the world many things happened, such as:
The U.S. stock market had its longest period of economic expansion during the decade
The Wall Street Stock Exchange hit over the 10,500 mark.
The first MP3 player came out in 1998.
Mobile phones were created.
E-mail became popular.
The International Space Station started its construction in 1998.
People starting becoming more eco-friendly.
The third wave of feminism hit across the world.
Electronic and pop music was popular.
Petronas Twin Towers became the tallest man made strctures ever opened in 1999.
"Friends" was a huge hit on TV.
Pop culture influenced the musical because the styles of lothes they wore in the musical were some of the things that were popular in the '90's such as crop tops and overalls.
The conflict in the story is that Sophie doesn't know who her father is. She wants her father to wak her down the isle for her wedding, but she doesn't know who he is. She has it narrowed down the three possible fathers but has no clue which one he is. This costume represents Donna's best friend Rosie from the musical because Rosie is a carefree and fun-loving person and she is always making jokes. There is a scene in the musical where Tanya Rosie and Donna get dressed up in costumes like these and perform the song Super Trouper. This costume is an example of Sam Carmichael from the musical because he is an american architect and has a laidback attitude. This is an example of a set design of the movie when the Tanya and Rosie sing "Chiquitita" to Donna to try and cheer her up in Donna's room. One of my favorite dances in the musical was when Rosie Donna and Tanya sang and danced to "Dancing Queen". I noticed a lot of movement gestures that were familiar. The first one I saw was an Elvis move where Rosie puts her finger up pointed then moves her leg back and forth three times. The second movement gesture I saw was Donna jumps on the bed crouching up her legs when she jumps and she does that right as the lyrics of the song talk about a tambourine, so her jumping kind of looks like a tambourine. The third gesture I saw was when the lyrics of the song say "looking out for another" they all sort of wave/slash their arms as if they are shooing or pestering someone away; like they're looking out for someone. The choreographer of this musical is Anthony Van Laast. When he was younger he trained at the London School of Contemporary Dance. Since then he has choreographed for numerous musicals, films, concerts, and television. One of the other more famous musicals he choreographed for was "My Fair Lady", along with "Romeo and Juliet". Some interesting facts about this musical are:

The musical is based off of the songs of ABBA. All of ABBA's American top-40 hits are featured in the film.

Even though ABBA is a worldwide popular group and has had much success, they have never had a top ten album in the United States.

The musical was adapted into a film released in July 2008 featuring Meryl Streep, Amanda Seyfriend, and Pierce Brosnan.

Mamma Mia is the 12th longest running broadway musical of all time.

Mamma Mia grossed nearly $144 million at the United States box office.
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