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SOLD by Patricia McCormick

No description

Alyson S

on 12 June 2013

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Transcript of SOLD by Patricia McCormick

Lakshmi - 13, ordinary girl
Ama, stepfather & baby brother
small hut, Nepal
family is desperately poor
finds simple pleasures in life
Himalayan monsoon hits village
crops wash away - only source of money
Lakshmi must leave to find work - a way to support her family
stepfather sells her for 800 rupees to city stranger
Lakshmi undertakes the long journey, arrives at Happiness House - hope
excited to support her family...until...horrible truth
Mumtaz - cruel, cunning - cheats Lakshmi
will work in slavery until broken or dead
locked up, beaten, starved, drugged & raped - submit to customers' demands
eventually meets American man - will rescue Lakshmi is she's willing
is afraid - was taught that Americans are wicked
Rising Action
Lakshmi makes a decision: get over her fear
will do everything she can to bring another American to her room so she can leave Happiness House
Turning Point
another American arrives, offering Lakshmi freedom
she agrees to wait
by Patricia McCormick
packs her possessions, puts her past behind her, prepares for new life
waits almost a week...
Falling Action
American police raid
despite protests from others, Lakshmi comes out
presents herself
ready for freedom!

Learning to
when all you have trusted has proven
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