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MST Presentation

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Stephani Walters

on 6 January 2013

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Transcript of MST Presentation

1. The family atmosphere.
2. The amazing teachers.
3. The preparation you get for college and life outside of high school.
4. The curriculum.
5. Higher standardized test scores. Math
Technology What is MST? 2. The Amazing Teachers Teachers genuinely care about you and your grades
They often stay after school to help you
Incredibly supportive and empathetic
They have high expectations of MST students
The #1 goal is for you to learn and be college-ready MST is a selective program at the Pankow center. It is for students who excel in math and science and/or want to be challenged in those subjects; students like you. Instead of going to math and science at your home school, you go to Pankow and take those classes there. Pankow students are there for 3 hours but only take 2 classes, giving them more instruction time. Why be an MST Student? 1. The Family Atmosphere Small classes
Everyone cares about learning
Students support each other
All students are accepted by teachers and classmates
There aren't cliques
Being smart/caring about learning is the norm 3. Preparation Study habits
Time management
Field trips to colleges
ACT review
After school review sessions
Great AP scores
-Last year, 15 students (over half) received a 5 on the AP Biology test. The national average is 20%. 4. Curriculum Difficulty of curriculum helps in other classes
MST classes go further in depth than those at the home schools
More use of technology
-Required technology credit is earned by being in MST
High number of labs
Hands on 5. Standardized Testing Statistics of the MST Program How To Get In: Keep your grades in Math and Science up
Get teacher recommendations
Take the entrance exam and try to do as well as possible
Thank You! We hope to see you next year! MST Geometry MST Biology Language English Social Studies Elective Typical Freshman Schedule Average ACT score on the science portion is 27, and 28 on the math portion. Those two scores, on average, are enough to be accepted into universities like UofM and Michigan State. This year's senior class had over 1/3 of their students score over a 30 on the ACT. That score can get you into an Ivy League school (Harvard, Yale) 70% of our students taking AP tests passed and received college credit (excluding physics). Enough savings to buy a nice new car while earning a world-class education. What's not to like? And it's fun! You chose to take higher math to challenge yourself as a middle school student. Why would you not challenge yourself in high school?
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