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This is Your Teen's Brain on Adolescence

For parents of Teens

on 18 January 2017

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Transcript of This is Your Teen's Brain on Adolescence

The Teenage Brain
The brakes for adolescents
Primary place of Decision Making
Fact #1:
Drugs are more reinforcing to the developing teen brain. With repeated use, dopamine transmitters are highjacked. Over time, things that USED to feel good no longer do.

Fact #2:
Teen brains ARE NOT fully developed until around age 25 = Emotional intelligence learning such as problem solving, and communicating can be greatly affected and have long term damages from early onset of substance use.
How Do Drugs and Alcohol
Affect the Teen Brain?
What can you do as a parent
to increase healthy emotional
1. 21 day RULE for behavior change
2. REAL articles from newspapers or
magazines that outline consequences
3. Teach them a 5 pause button before responding
4.Kids are most receptive to information 20 minutes before sleep
5. MODEL healthy emotional responses
6. Instead of telling, SHOW kids how to respond
to different situations
7. BLACKOUT times for 1 hour a day- no media.

ASACS-Vilseck HS
Lisa Kramer, MS, LPC, CAS
Big and....
... small
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